Guillaume Vanson

Hello everyone and unfortunate to post here but need to quickly warn everyone about a new project that I commissioned and the scammy 3D ARTIST who ran off with it. Took all my money as well and only delivered half incomplete files. My project was titled Guts vs Grunbeld diorama from the Berserk universe and believe it or not, the 3D scam artist is GUILLAUME VANSON who designed the Threezero Berserk Guts.

I suspect he’s planning to sell my Grunbeld to others so I attached pictures below. This is MY project that I commissioned so if you see it floating around and offered to be resold, DO NOT BUY IT! I am currently filing a report with the IC3, Internet Crime Complaint Center regarding this commission. Please view screenshots of chat log to verify my entire story. Found him on Artstation and he hounds you daily in collecting payment to begin project. Alarmingly aggressive and that should’ve been my first clue. I figured he might get impatient because other artists have all provided an estimate time frame of 2 months to complete this specific project. Simply asked him if he has the time and patience to endure this task and he replies, “Don’t worry. You cannot be as demanding as the Japanese themselves.” Real smooth pal and see screenshot below. It’s actually nothing compared to what he says about me though.

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