Guru Scammers Lennart Krech and Philipp Ryppa launch a rugpull NFT project

Found these German guys all over Instagram promoting their scammy project called Bored Bulls Club.

Use FOMO deceptive tactics to get people to buy. Lied to their audience claiming that Logan Paul would be “endorsing” the project after launch.

Launched today and they made close to $200k.

They hid the contract on the website too so new buyers wouldn’t have transparency, found it here –

Mint price is a heaping 0.22 eth. OpenSea floor is much lower (was artificially high), but they’re still telling people to mint.

They also hid OpenSea link from the website.

They also sell a deceptive guru program called “IG Elites Academy” which teaches you how to become a millionaire with Instagram.

These guys should be in prison.

Hate scammers, will share more scammers as I find them to keep the community safe.

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