Hug Sleep, Inc.

Zero customer support

Stay away from this company!

The product is crappy, flimsy, hot, and way overpriced.

Trying to get a refund on the product is really hard.

1. They have NO customer support number

2. They make you email them to get return info

3. Their “live” chat is a chatbot which you to maneuver through.

4. When you finally get a real person on chat, they can’t even answer any questions about my return which they received over a month ago. They told me to email them!

5. Emailed them 2 weeks ago, no response.

6. Tried to contact them on Facebook, they erased all my posts.

7. Opened up a credit dispute, waiting for response.

8. It’s been over a month since they received my product return.

9. Hugsleep finally got back to me in email and said since I opened a dispute they couldn’t refund my money. I called the credit card company today and they said it is a LIE! They can refund anytime they want. They said it’s a game companies play to a) draw out the refund process or b) get you to cancel the dispute by falsely promising a refund. DON’T EVER CANCEL because you lose your rights to refile the dispute.

This company is incredibly slimy and are liars to boot!


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