I am making a crowdsourced database of Fake gurus

Hello Fake Guru community! 👋

Did you know that the fake guru industry is estimated to grow to $370 Billion by 2026? That is $370 Billion scammed from unsuspecting people using deceptive marketing methods.

We thought there was nothing that could stop this plague and make them accountable… …until this idea came to us.

We have started a public Google sheets list where everyone can add their experience and information about various internet gurus. The idea is to collectively build a definitive list of online gurus so that people can uncover who is a real guru and who is a fraud.

The information gathered in this crowdsourced project will be compiled and organized into a one-stop online database of online gurus. The plan is to create individual profile pages for every guru featuring in-depth information on their cons, pros, and tactics. People will be able to get an honest overview of the most popular gurus in one easy-to-use independent platform.

But to make it happen, we need YOUR HELP to build this spreadsheet. If you have been scammed or you know some insights about the fake gurus – I would be happy if you could add this info to our spreadsheet: https://fakegurus.com/ (you will find the spreadsheet link on the homepage)

Let’s bust those fake gurus together!

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