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Complaint: This complaint is in reference to Lorre Jetton, aka: Jetton Rentals, aka: 1st Investment Realty. Whatever you do, do not believe a word this woman has to say. Definitely do not rent from her! Once she gets your money you are done! The professionalism goes out the window once you become her tenant! We have only been her tenants just over 10 days but it feels more like 10 years! When showing you property she will tell you that she is a practicing Christian. Her definition of Christian must differ from mine because Christians are not Slumlords and would not treat tenants as this woman does.On August 4, 2010 my Husband and I discussed our move in date of August 7, 2010 with Lorre. During this discussion Lorre stated that August 7, 2010 would be fine and that she would do the general cleaning, painting, and carpet cleaning prior to us moving in. When we met her on Friday and signed the lease and asked her about the broken drawer and cabinet door in the lock out unit and she asked about when exactly we would be moving in we told her on Saturday afternoon around 3:00PM or so. So we all agreed that she would make those repairs on Saturday morning. Prior to us signing the lease Lorre was very punctual and professional. She kept every appointment, knew our names and phone numbers, and went above and beyond for us. Once we signed the lease and gave her our deposit and brought the moving truck in was when the relationship took a turn for the worst. Needless to say, she did not do anything that she promised. Upon moving in, the unit was not painted, carpet cleaned, or any general cleaning done that I could tell. As a matter of fact, I had to clean urine off of the floor in one of the upstairs bathrooms. The Jacuzzi in the Master Bath was filthy, and the bedroom next to the master bedroom had dead roaches on the floor. In that same bedroom she had a headboard very loosely covering a bunch of holes and tears in the wall. It was more than just holes for screws where the headboard was attached. I simply touched the headboard and it fell on me!When confronted she claims that she painted. If that is so, then why were there holes and tears left in the walls? There were also screws and nails left in the walls which anyone who paints would usually remove them and spackle prior to painting. In addition to this we had to clean scuff marks off of the walls in the staircase from where the last tenant moved out. If the carpets were cleaned then why were they dirty with dead roaches on them? If she cleaned the unit prior to us moving in as she said that she would do then why was there urine on the floor stinking up the bathroom? If she cleaned the Jacuzzi why was it filthy and spewed algae everywhere after cleaning and attempting to use it? So I know she lied about painting, carpet cleaning, and general cleaning. I cannot prove it but often wonder if she may have charged the homeowner or deducted the costs from the last tenants deposit and pocketed it.The toilet in the lock out unit was leaking water and still remains out of order to this day and was crawling with the biggest roaches I have ever seen in my life! She advertises pest control included in the rent but these units have obviously not been treated by pest control. I can tell that the toilet has not been working for a while because when attempting to repair it ourselves we found a nest of giant Cockroaches living in the tank of the toilet. The water was turned off to both it and the dishwasher. In addition this, I found out from a resort staff member that Lorre was told at least once if not twice prior to charging us $100 for a background check that her background checks were no longer being accepted by the resort and instructed to have her tenants pay the HOA to conduct a National Background Check. When I confronted her and requested a refund of the $100 for the background check she tried to deny that she was told. When I reminded her of the cameras and that there is a video of it she then stated that they should have gave it to her in writing if they expected her to take it seriously. I feel that a so called practicing Christian would admit that she was wrong and refund our money. Instead she rationalizes her theft of our money like a hypocrite. It troubles me further that she drives around with a license plate quoting a Bible Scripture that infers that she is a Godly Woman in addition to stating that she is a practicing Christian when she is actually like the wolf in sheeps clothing as described in the Bible! Preying on people and stealing their money is far from Christian behavior! I got news for this woman what she is practicing is unethical and not at all Christianity. I am very confident that Slumlord is not what Proverbs 31 meant in the Bible as a Godly Woman!On the afternoon of Saturday, August 7, 2010 my Husband attempted to ask her about the toilet and other needed repairs and she snapped at him stating that she had family visiting and that he was interrupting their visit. She gave us the very distinct impression that they were out of town visitors but later we would find that they live with her and can visit any time! Once again on Sunday we saw her outside and when asked about the repairs she snapped that it was Sunday and that she had plans to play games with her family that was supposedly visiting. On Sunday night I made an appointment with her for Tuesday because she stated that because of family visiting that she did not get to do the inventory list and that must be done. So on Tuesday I had to be inconvenienced by her coming in to do inventory which made me very uncomfortable because I was still not unpacked or settled in and I had to keep telling her what stuff was mine and what belonged to the property owner. We even argued about the towels because she did not do the inventory prior to us moving in. She kept insisting that 6 towels belong to the unit and there were only 4 bath towels and one hand towel which equals 5 towels but she insisted that there were 6 bath towels. This confusion could have been avoided if she had of came and done the inventory on Saturday instead of playing games with her Son and Grandson who live with her and she can see anytime. We could have even met on Friday for inventory had she of asked if she did not want to work on the weekend. The point is that I should not be inconvenienced and lied to.Prior to her leaving from the inventory appointment we made an appointment for repairs at 3:00PM on Wednesday, August 11, 2010. During this appointment she was supposed to look at the toilet, patch holes in the walls, and I mentioned to her that I was not sure about the dishwasher because the water to it was turned off and I needed to use it again to be sure that it was cycling right. She did not note it on the inventory list because I was not positive that it was broken or not. I was going to let her know on Wednesday but she never showed up. At 4:30PM on Wednesday, August 11, 2010 my Husband called her to ask her why she did not call or show up for our appointment. She pretended to forget and then stated she could not talk because she was at the library. My Husband requested another appointment and she said for him to call her voicemail and rudely disconnected the call without letting him get a word in edgewise. At this point we did not know what to do because she did not treat us this way prior to us moving in or signing the lease.We found it awfully convenient that she very clearly remembered our names, who we are, phone numbers and kept all appointments prior to us moving in. The next day we attempted once again to verbally make an appointment over the phone for repairs with us only for her give us the run around some more. This time she was not at her desk and said we need to call her voicemail and request an appointment. Once again she rudely disconnected the call without giving my Husband a chance to say anything. So this time he left her a voicemail for an appointment for 1:00PM on Monday, August 16, 2010. On Friday, August 13, 2010 I went to see the resort receptionist for a gym card and ask her how I could obtain wristbands for the pool because Lorre was giving me the run around. The Receptionist could not give me a gym card because my unit did not have access to the amenities but she could not tell me why. Since I had issues with the HOA dues and got caught in the middle of a dispute at another resort I strongly suspected that it has something to do with unpaid HOA dues. My Husband called Lorre but she blew him off with excuses as per usual. It took the receptionist being very persistent to get Lorre to come up to the club house and take care of things so that we could use the amenities.I listened to Lorre and the Receptionist talk and I was horrified by what I discovered! My unit alone was $1000 in arrears for unpaid HOA dues! Come to find out Lorre had been informed of this in detail prior to showing us the unit. Lorre was even told to advise prospective tenants that the amenities were not accessible to them at this time while showing! The more I listened the more I was infuriated! She took us through the clubhouse and showed us all of the amenities during our showings and never mentioned that they were temporarily off limits to us!I was very up front and honest about why we were moving out of the place we were renting in another resort. I even gave her copies of the notices that I received in reference to the previous HOA threatening to evict us if we do not pay our rent to him and allow him to deduct the HOA fees from it. I explained to her that I did not like being caught in the middle of a dispute between the HOA, The Property Management Company, and the Homeowner and not knowing who to believe. So with this in mind I feel very taken advantage of to say the least. I feel that withholding that information from me is a violation of ethics. It sickens me that she claims to be not just a Christian but a practicing Christian and then is so dishonest!Then when she refused to follow the resort rules and go purchase money orders like everyone else I felt even more uncomfortable. If I can go to the ATM and take out money and purchase money orders to pay the resort fees and the deposits to her then why cant she purchase money orders like everyone else? Therefore I am worried that she was refusing because she did not have the funds and possibly wrote a bad check for our HOA dues which may cause me to end up in the same exact situation here as I was in at the other resort. I am now worried that we will be stuck paying the other $500 in HOA dues and possibly have to pay the other $500 for the check she wrote if it does bounce. Had she of told me that this unit was behind on the HOA dues I would not have rented it. I feel that by being deceptive and withholding this important information that not only was it very unethical but she also took my right to decide whether or not to rent this unit. Any professional realtor with ethics of any kind would have felt compelled to inform me that this unit was not for me if not fully disclosed what was going on and gave me a choice of whether or not to take a chance of getting into the exact same situation that I was leaving.One afternoon when I was in the clubhouse complaining to the receptionist and a couple of residents close by overheard me and asked me who my landlord was. When I told them Lorre their advice was to move out ASAP! They went on to tell me that all of her tenants have moved out if they were not evicted first for felonies because she gave them the same run around and allowed the place to fall apart around them. They told me they hear the same stories about Lorres selective memory and not making repairs over and over again. I told them that we just moved in and do not have the money to move right back out and they told me that I am fighting a losing battle with her because she does not have maintenance people and refuses to hire any or repair anything. I was further distressed to hear that the joke around the resort is that Lorre picks up ex inmates from the local jail and offers them a months free rent in order to get tenants that will be glad to have her as their landlord and not expect much. On Monday August 16, 2010 once again Lorre did not keep our appointment for repairs. So we waited approximately 30 minutes in case she was running late. At 1:30PM my Husband called her to ask why she did not call or come for our appointment. Once again she played dumb, asking stupid questions and playing with him by pretending not to remember our name, what unit we live in or that we even made an appointment with her. This was the straw that broke the camels back!At 1:45PM on August 16, 2010 we met with Lorre face to face and had a very firm discussion with her about how she is very rude and disrespectful to us by giving us the run around about repairs, not keeping appointments, withholding important information, and being very dishonest with us. I told her that our time is just as valuable as hers and that we cannot be expected to sit around and wait and then she does not keep the appointments. She kept lying, denying, and conveniently placing all of the blame on the resort receptionist, HOA, and homeowner for everything. I could not help but notice that since confronted everything is everyone elses fault but hers. She tries to play the victim when in fact she preys on the innocent and makes them her victim. She even tried to blame receptionist for the toilet and dishwasher not being repaired when it is not at all the receptionists responsibility. I am not renting from her and she is not my property manager which Lorre is supposed to be.Prior to leaving Lorre stated that we would get together on Tuesday and go confront the receptionist about the background check policy. She also promised to replace the broken microwave in the lock out unit. She further stated that she would get with the resort receptionist and find out when the toilet and dishwasher could be fixed. She took the broken dining room chair with her and stated that she would be back with a replacement. She apologized about everything we discussed and promised to do better.Approximately, three hours passed on this same date and no chair or word from her. At approximately, 5:15PM two of the burners on the stove started making noise and sparking at me. I started to call her but was so not in the mood for the run around or her amnesia game. So I decided to turn off the burners and send her an email so that my requested repair is in writing to her. I also noted that the chair that she removed from my unit is on the inventory list that she conveniently never provided me a copy of as promised and needs replacing. In spite of her denying it and not acknowledging the read receipt I know she obviously received my email because at approximately 5:30PM (15 minutes later) she showed up at my door with the inventory list and chair. I saw her looking towards the stove so I know in spite of her waiting for me to mention it and playing dumb it was obvious that she received my email. I attempted to show her the problem but she only quickly turned the burner on and off and insisted that I just made it up and that it was working fine. There was no convincing her that it was sparking and a fire hazard. I kept telling her that it only sparks when it gets very hot and not just simply when it click it on and off like she was doing.She then stated that that the homeowner would not replace it just because I wanted it replaced. She insisted that it was not broken. I kept trying to patiently reason with her but then she tried to tell me that I only needed two working burners. In spite of anything that I said she was adamant that they were too expensive to replace and that I did not have them seated properly and nothing was wrong with them. After 25 years of cooking I know how to properly seat burners and I know a fire hazard when I see one. After refusing to repair the burners she stated that we would get together in the morning and resolve the issues with the other repairs, replace the microwave, and confront the receptionist together. She did not give me a specific time but I thought that she would at least have the courtesy after our firm discussion about respect of our time that she would have the decency to call me.So the next day, August 17, 2010 my Husband and I sat around and waited for her to call or come by until about 2:30PM and no Lorre or phone call. My Husband called her and asked about what all she promised us the day before and she was full of excuses as usual and refused to tell us what time to expect her. My Husband also informed her that the stove burners are still throwing sparks and making noises. She kept refusing to set a time to meet with us. So my Husband her to call first and she refused stating that she cannot take the time to go look up our number in her office! Now it is as if she thinks that it is okay to just tell us what day and expect us to wait for her to show up whenever she feels like it. This is not any better if not worse than her not keeping appointments. So much for her apologizing and promising to do better because if this is her doing any better I am not impressed at all!At approximately 3:30PM we were fed up with sitting around waiting for her to deliver the microwave and repair the stove and tell us when we can expect a plumber to fix the toilet that has been out of order for approximately 10 days now. So instead of calling we walked down to her office. I asked her if we could pick up the microwave and of course she had not even went out to purchase it and I could see that she was just spending the afternoon lounging around with her family again! This ticked me off that we are left waiting for her while she has fun playing games or whatever with her Son and Grandson. She made a bunch of excuses and I asked her if I needed to mail her a 7 Day Quit or Cure notice in order to get anything done. She stated no and tried to lie and say that I never informed her of any repairs until last night. I told her that I cannot be expected to sit around and wait all day for her to decide to come by and that she needs to give me a time so I can know when to expect her. She refused to make an appointment stating she did not know when she would be by for sure. I told her that it is not right of her to make us sit around and wait and she claimed that we do not have to sit and wait. I told her that I know how she plays games by now and that I know she would love to be able to say that she stopped by and I was not home and this is not right. She continued to deny playing games and blame everything on everyone else.My Husband then asked her firmly once again when we can expect the microwave and she kept on making excuses. It was like pulling teeth to get a straight answer out of her but then he finally got her to agree on an hour. Then at 4:45PM while I am trying to cook dinner for my family with only 2 burners that are not a fire hazard she and her family show up. She acted like it really bothered her but she installed 2 new burners and had her Son change out the microwave. She did not ask if she could stop by later in the evening or anything. I assumed that we were done for the day.At approximately 7:10PM in the evening on the same day I hear a knock at the door. Its her telling me that someone with the resort security department is waiting to see me. I gave her a bewildered and confused look because I know the clubhouse closes at 7:00PM and we never set an appointment. Not to mention the fact that she referred to Michellette as Security and not a Board Member. So she explained that this person wanted to speak with me about the background check I was disputing. So I got changed and went up front to the clubhouse and met this person that she wanted me to speak with.Later that night at approximately 8:55PM there was a knock at my door. I hesitated to answer because it was after dark and I was relaxing in my bed clothes. It was Lorre and she kept persistently knocking. So I asked my Husband to answer the door because I do not like answer the door in my bed clothes. She told my Husband that she wanted to make an appointment to bring some guy whose truck is broken down by to repair the toilet. It was nice that she was finally making an appointment for a much needed repair but why couldnt she just call one of us? She knows my Husband works nights she could have called his cell number that time of night. She has our applications on file with both of our numbers. So I now feel that she is retaliating and harassing us by constantly coming down here every 2-3 hours since I went down to her unit and asked her if I needed to send her a 7 Day Quit or Cure notice. What else am I supposed to think when first we cannot get her to keep appointments or repair anything and now she is at our door every 2-3 hours? According to Florida Statutes Tenants have rights too! Lorre should have learned this in Real Estate School prior to obtaining her license. Tenants have the right to quiet and peaceful enjoyment of the unit which we are not receiving in any shape, form, or fashion from her. In addition to this, she is not supposed to enter our rental unit without giving proper notice unless it is an emergency and it must be a convenient time. Now she is violating Florida Statutes by not giving notice and just showing up at our door whenever she feels like it. She may not appreciate me showing up at her door but she lists her home on the lease as her business address and I did not show up on her doorstep after dark and at almost 9:00PM like she did us. I felt that since sparking burners on a stove is an emergency and that she gets paid to manage my unit in addition to the fact that she chooses to conduct business out of her home that I had the right to knock on her door since she constantly give us the run around on the phone and rudely disconnects the call before we are done speaking with her. While beggars cannot be choosers I am not thrilled with her choice of a repairman. Since his truck is broke down and she has to bring him here I am wondering where in the world she found him at exactly. I am concerned that she may be bringing a felon into my home around my Daughter. It further concerns me that he may not be licensed. He very well could be some homeless guy holding a will work for food sign that she is going to have attempt to repair the dishwasher or toilet. For all I know he is a sex offender, drug addict or murderer? Since it is known around here that some of her tenants have been evicted because of felonies I do not trust her judgment at all! This woman is far from a professional in my opinion. I cannot believe that anyone allows her to represent them or manage their property!Another thing that you may find interesting is that on her Craigslist rental advertisements she posts pictures of the pool and mentions the gym which can be misleading to prospective tenants. As a matter of fact, that advertisement that we responded to advertises the amenities as being included in the rent as well as pest control which has not been provided in spite of her seeing the roaches in the lock out bathroom for herself. I also noticed in this same ad that she has her name, phone number, and 1st Investment Realty on the ad. If you check with sunbiz.org you will find that 1st Investment Realty is inactive and has been inactive since May of 2009. This is not the only site that lists 1st Investment Realty as inactive.I confronted her about my concerns with her real estate license being valid during our talk on August 16, 2010 but she of course played ignorant. She stated that her broker is Zhong John Shen and that he only changed the name and moved the business. I asked her then why she does not use the new name. She claimed not to know it and that John has not told her the new name. I found that fishy if he is still her broker because 1st Investment Realty has been inactive since May of 2009 and she still has not found out the new name and started using it? I raises a red flag with me and makes me suspect she is hiding something. I Googled her broker further and did not find any other business in his name besides the one she uses in her rental advertisements. I also checked his license and it is getting ready to expire and there is no new business name listed. So I now wonder if perhaps she is pretending to have Broker in order to keep her license.We made several repairs ourselves since we have been here. We repaired the leaky sliding glass door, kitchen sink, drawer, cabinet door, spackled holes and tears in walls, threshold to front door, and even attempted to repair the toilet. She did give us credit for all of the repairs that we made ourselves since we could not get her to make them in a timely manner. However, I wonder if the Homeowner thinks that she made them or hired someone to do them. I am strongly considering mailing him a letter very soon sharing with him what all she has put us through so far in hopes that he will consider changing Property Managers.The reason for my complaint is not out of retaliation as one may think. I would like to receive a refund of my $100 since the resort has her on video being told not to charge tenants and conduct her own background checks any longer. She was told on camera that the tenants are to pay the resort HOA to conduct a National Background Check. So I feel that she just wanted our money and took advantage of us.Secondly, I want to prevent other innocent people from becoming her victim and going through what my family and I have had to endure with her as our property manager. No one should have to chase a property manager down and beg for repairs like this woman has made us do. No one deserves to be treated the way that Lorre Jetton has treated us. If that is Christianity I want no part of it!

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