Michael Martino

THis Guy is a scammer and only wants your money and personal information to create Straw identities and he also wants to steal your home. Its obvious as he says hes a RealEstate Investor too that sells your home after he steals it from you!!….WIX Website Hosting Service shutdown the scammer and now Mailchimp is hosting the scammer. Michael L Martino Scammer, Salvatore Pane Wannabe,Elon Musk Wannabe,Tony Robbins Wannabe, Cy Sperling Wannabe,Scammer/Fraud/9 Watson St,East Islip NY 11730 Michael Martino Got Shutdown by WIX WebHosting & now hes trying to save face by resurfacing through Mailchimp but soon the govt and state is gonna be knocking at his door….LOL

What just recently happened to your scam websites Michael Martino..?

Did WIX shut your fraudulent websites down?…YEP ;- They SURE DID……!

Why would WIX shut your websites down for being fraudulent if you’re a legit guy Michael Martino?…..

Thats because youre a fraud and scammer Michael L Martino of 9 Watson St East islip NY Owner of Zogies Deals 99 Carleton Ave Islip Terrace NY and for everything you boast about you are nothing but a huge fraud and soon the Town, State and Gov’t will be knocking at your front doors…

Be prepared to do some fast talking and pull out the documents that says is required on these screenshots to be who you say and brag about who you are…………

Oh and get this lil interesting fact Michael L Martino….The IRS is gonna be really interested in your 14yrs as CEO and President of Homeland Settlements and know who really owes them money now..

Lets see you tell the IRS etc. about how you lied to look important to get out of the years of taxes youll owe on all of your companies listed on your Resume posted on Linked-In …………LOL

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