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We were presented a picture perfect scenario of a “Members Only” Resort network in which we bought into. After visiting the Tres Rios location in Texas a few times and noticing how some RV’s never moved, we began to ask questions – resulting in (non-sales) staff confirming that there are year round renters who work at the local nuclear plant. These staff members mentioned that the plant has an agreement with the resort for the temporary staff to be able to use the facilities. My largest problem with this, is that on holiday weekends, we were denied sites because they were booked. This included the 50+ “year rounders” sites. If this were a members only resort which required rotation, there would have been a much better chance that we would have been granted access for the membership in which I paid in full, upfront. When holding a basic conversation with the staff at the HQ location in Oklahoma, the “customer service” (or lack, thereof) representative was rude. I simply asked what was needed to cancel the membership and stated that based upon the contract I could ONLY transfer the membership and that I would be sent to collections if I didn’t pay the annual maintainance fee. I then requested to speak with thier office manager, who was on a “conference call” and would call me back as soon as she was done. (Still waiting) Needless to say – I am open to conversation if people are looking to do a class action against this group. If you are looking buy into Ocean Canyon, I would recommend that you take a very good look at thier contracts, ask questions, and understand that you are not buying into a members only scenario. Seriously – take everything home and think about it before signing ANYTHING.

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Ocean Canyon Properties Told that OCP would buy back total of what we paid OCP plus wht we paid Styx River Resort in 1989 Robertsdale Alabama!! My wife and I bought into a RTU, {u201cRight To Useu201d}, Camp Ground, Styx River Resort, in 1989, the Camp Ground had rental units that we could stay in for the weekends I was home, saving us money compared to the costs of a motel. As time went on we used it less and less and even paid to list it for resale, the Camp Ground would not buy it back and would only… Read more »

Ocean Canyon properties Lying and misrepresentation of facts Texarkana Texas!! We joined this association in 2010. Because we were near retirement and thought we wanted to travel, we joined this association to give us more opportunities to stay at parks where our fixed income would not be eaten up. We had no problems as long as we went to our home park and stayed up to 2 weeks. The problem came when we wanted to travel and planned on stopping at 2 consecutive Ocean Canyon parks. We were told that once we stayed in ANY Ocean Canyon park for ANY… Read more »

Ocean Canyon Properties 25,000.00 givaway scam to get phone numbers legally after you sign the bottom of the entry! Internet!! Ocean Canyon Properties have several locations they work out of..Camping World Stores,…RV Dealers, and Trade Shows. They use deceptive practices to get your name and phone Number. They Claim to be giving away 25,000.00 or prizes but they have NEVER intended to do so. They will use the info to qualify you and then call you until you have to change your phone number. The phone rooms they operate are ruthless. If you are on a do not call list,… Read more »

Ocean Canyon Properties As members of OAR as Styx River being our home camp we were ready to finish our contract which we honestly were completing and this company bullied us into a contract resulting in yearly fees for a depleting camp that we can’t even use unless we upgrade and pay more. Texarkana Texas!! We had been members of AOR, home camp was Styx River for almost the 20 years that we had signed on for and expecially considering Waterworld depleted then gone, Tennis Courts washed out, etc…. we were over it for real. We were called down there… Read more »

Ocean Canyon Properties Styx River Resort Salesperson David Woods lied to and decieved us into buying a membership that is no good for what we was told that it would be. Robertsdale, Alabama!! It all started back in March 2012. Our home is in Tennessee but we travel with work. Was going around looking at campgrounds in the area of the job. Stopped by Styx River Resort. We was approached by a salesperson named David Woods. We told him exactly what we was looking for and for how long. Told him we were relocating for work and when the job… Read more »

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