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Ocean Moving and Storage Misrepresentation of delivery services; breach of contract Pembroke Park, FL Boston, Massachusetts!!

I had a terrible experience with Ocean Moving & Storage. Initially things seemed great, and Roman (my sales representative) was incredibly responsive and friendly. However, that all changed when moving day actually came. First, the movers who came immediately attempted to add additional charges for stairs, when the reason they needed to use a certain set of stairs was because they were 4 hours late. My contract said, and Roman emphatically assured me, that my belongings would be delivered to my destination (a 10 hour car ride away) by a certain date. I rushed down to my destination, only to sit in an empty apartment for 6 hours without any call from Ocean. I left numerous messages/emails, to no avail. I finally had to look up their business license online, at which point I found a cell phone number for Eli. Eli informed me that Roman had misrepresented the delivery date, and that Roman should have never put that delivery date on my contract (Eli verbally stated that contract did, in fact, state that my belongings would be delivered on that date). What followed was an incredibly frustrating and upsetting 10 days in which I was continually told my belongings would come a certain day, only for the delivery to be pushed back, yet again. I had to buy many things to live in an empty apartment for a week, and to start my new job (I was supposed to have my stuff more than a week before my job started). Moreover, whenever I called Ocean, no one was at all sympathetic, and moreover kept saying that it was Roman’s fault. Ocean was only willing to “discount” me $75 from my remaining balance for my inconveniences. I finally received my belongings 10 days later. However, I had to be ready for my delivery at 5 AM, otherwise I was threatened that my belongings would be put in a storage facility in VA and I would have to find a way to get them. The delivery was better than most of my other interactions with Ocean, but I still found myself standing at 7 AM among my unassembled belongings (another contractual clause ignored) and mashed and ripped boxes, having to go to my second day of work sleep-deprived and still emotionally overwhelmed by this hellacious experience. Jacqueline Washington, District of Columbia

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Ocean Moving and Storage DESTROYED MY BELONGINGS Pembroke Park, Florida!! My experience with Ocean Moving and Storage was a nightmare to say the least. Below, I detail the wrongs perpetrated by Ocean Moving and Storage in my move across the country. I paid well over $6,000 to have my personal belongings destroyed. I have summarized the move below with a more detailed description below that. PICK-UP: They will not be on time, and expect them to charge an overage charge for extra square feet needed, despite the fact you gave them a list all of your items prior. Do not… Read more »

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