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Old Republic Home Protection Company Rippoff Internet California!!

The story happened a month ago. So I am not angry now and I am just writing to give warning to other people. My water heater blew up and I asked my plumber to come over and shut the valves off. As the valves was old and did not close properly he opened the connector and I asked him to put a new shutoff valve for hot water also. Without a shut off valve at warm water line if you open both taps water comes out of the open end of the line. Then I called Old Republic home protection company as I had insurance with them. They told me that they have to send their own plumber to come over and inspect it. The day after I got a call from DOCs plumbing company and they set an schedule with me to come and see. The guy came over and start inspecting the water heater. Suddenly, he said that the warm water is disconnected and he cannot inspect it. I told him that if I open the cold water he can easily check the leakage (it was not a small leakage). He doesn’t need to connect the warm water but he insisted. I get the warm water connected the day after and then I again called them to come over. So I had to pay again !! 2 hours before he came I thought that it is better to open the water to the hole position to be ready to show him the leakage. Unfortunately, the tank got filled and suddenly burst. 40 gallons of water was coming out of the water heater. I struggled for TWO HOURS to collect the mess. I used every tool I had to So I had to pay again empty the water. I took some pictures of the mess and I am ok to share them if anyone is interested. Anyway, he came over and started inspection again. Then he listed these items: 1- We need to install a pan2- We need to cut and install the pipes from a higher position (useless IMO)3- we need to increase the size of gas pipe (I had no problem at all with that) Then, he went and they called me from the insurance company the day after. They told me that I have to pay $280 for the three items above. WHAT !!!??? I asked for cash in lieu and they told me that they give me $590 only: THAT MEANS: 40 GALLON WATER HEATER + SHIPMENT + INSTALLATION = $590 (paid by insurance) pan + two pipe cutting + change of flexible pipe = $280 (paid by you) + $60 service call fee It is ridiculous, isn’t it. I think this is the way they do business. They try to make as much as excuses as they can to get more money from you to compensate the small money they get from the insurance company. You wanna verify it just call them and ask how much money they need to replace a 40 gallon water heater. I called some other companies and I never get a price lower than $1300 for the water heater replacement while Old Republic only gave me 590 – 60 – reconection cost = $480 !!!!!!!!!!! The investigation took 4-5 days and my house is damaged from water just to prove that my water heater is leaking. Old Republic marketers are mostly focused on real estate agents to make new home owners get their service.

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Old Republic Home Protection Company SCAM~ THEY DON’T HONOR POLICY EXPIRATION DATES! San Ramon California!! Problem Date: 05/03/13 Plan #: 19134031 I bought a 4 unit property a year ago and was promised a home warranty paid for by my real estate agent. Unfortunately after the agent got his commission, he never responded back to me EVER…including my attempts at getting my home warranty. It wasn’t until about 2 weeks ago that I got a renewal notice from one of my tenants that I realized I even had a warranty with Old Republic. I had already had to shell out… Read more »

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