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My landlord uses Old Republic (OR) for home warranty purposes (why, I don’t know, but that’s another story) and my experience to-date has been miserable. I live in Texas where – as I type – the average temp is 95F degrees. 4 days ago the AC unit died. After numerous calls and appeals for ‘out-of-network’ service, an AC technician showed up and made what, in his words, was a short-term fix. The existing unit is 20 years old, completely shot and needs to be replaced. Old Republic were made aware of this. 4 days later – today – and the AC unit has broken again. It’s close to 100F degrees in my house and OR are dragging their feet on authorizing a new AC unit. Nor will they authorize a portable AC unit in the meantime. No doubt one of their ‘approved’ technicians will show up 5 days from now, say, “yep, it’s broken” and disappear for another 5 days before finally showing up with a replacement unit. They’re rubbish. A waste of time, money and oxygen. Stay the hell away.

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Old Republic Repayment of policy for services not rendered for Slableak incident San Ramon, California!! In March 2010 the sewage pipe contained a break and caused the contents of the sewage to damage my basement and bathrooms. I did not expect the situation to occur when I purchased the property in December 2009. The cost for Roto Rooter to repair the damage was $4,500 which I paid with my credit card….I filed a claim under Plan Number 17-764-969 with Old Republic and to my surprise the company refunded only $900.00 with a $100.00 deductible. On February 23, 2011, I submitted… Read more »

Old Republic Please read this before selecting them as your provider Internet!! I perfectly understand Old Republic is in business to insure they only repair what is broken and in their eyes that may differ from the consumer’s point of view. I was generally happy with their responsiveness and customer service except for two specific occasions. First was when we needed a new water heater and they admitted that the decision boiled down to a plumber’s opinion on how long was too long for the heater to heat the water from cold. The plumber they sent told me “This needs… Read more »

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