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Omaha Travel This company is a complete scam, I paid over $800 for a vacation that does not exsist Omaha Nebraska!!

I purchased a vacation package from Omaha Travel back in May. I’ve documented all of my conversations and have followed all requirements and procedures outlined by Omaha Travel as well as The Travel Center. The first Payment I submitted to Omaha Travel Consisted of $670.00 for a vacation package to Boston. Brooke my vacation specialist outlined this cost then explained that I would have to pay an additional $69.00 per person which I did. Sending a check to the Travel center for $276.00. I completed all of the registration forms as requested. Finally after weeks of mailing and faxing and emailing, I received my travel vouchers, which I understood to be the final step of this long process. However I was told that I had to complete the voucher and submit it with an additional $99.00 per person processing fee. Which means I would need to pay an additional $396.00 that I was never made aware of at the time of booking. I spoke to a customer service representative and expressed my wish to cancel my agreement. She said I would need to mail back the travel vouchers in order to receive a refund with a penalty. I spoke to a customer service representative once again today and informed them that I had only received one of the travel vouchers. She confirmed that they have the additional voucher in the office and I would only need to mail in the one I received. After paying $20 the have the voucher expedited, the Travel Center issued me a refund of $176.00. Omaha Travel said if the Travel Center refunded my fees they would issue me a refund as well. This of course id not the case. I have called an emailed countless times and I am ingonered, placed on hold, hung up on or simply not responded too. I have placed a complaint with the BBB they said they had numerous complaints against Omaha Travel and they have indeed determined that they are a fradulant company and even the address they have on record is non exsistant. All I want is my money back so that I can book this vacation through a reputable sourse. These people have to be stopped before they continue to scam consumers out of thier money.

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Omaha Travel Omaha Travel Scam ripped me off for $1,035 Omaha, Nebraska (or so they say_ Omaha Nebraska!! I received an unsolicited fax at my home from omaha-travel. I called their telephone number on the fax 888-478-2188. I spoke to a sales rep named “Steve” at extension 786, first on May 8 2013 and then numerous times the next few days about a vacation on August 10, 2013. He told me we will definitely get on the ship, without question, and he reserved a second vacation for us that we wanted to append to this vacation. I paid the $1,035… Read more »

Omaha Travel False information SCAM on what was purchased was NOT what I recieved! Boyds Maryland!! Omaha Travel ripped me off! We were sold a package that was written for 7 nights condo and return airfare. There has been over $500 in hidden fees so far and the SCAM is that the hotel and airfare cannot be used together, we were lied to and cheated. Ofcourse they deny all when you call them on there lies and tell you it was all in the terms and conditions. As soon as you get on the phone with them they immediately go… Read more »

Omaha Travel Scammed Via Work Fax # Clarksburgs Maryland!! I too was scammed via our office fax machine when I responded to an advertisment offering a condo in Hawaii (7 days/6 nights) for $299.00 per person including r/t airfare. I initially paid for myself, my husband and my son for a total $997.00 at the time I responded to their advertisment over the phone. Complying with their guidelines, I sent an additional $69.00/pp “voucher handling fee” as required to select travel dates. Since my check has cleared I have not received anything further. After numerous attempts to reach someone to… Read more »

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