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ONSALE.COM PCMALL, MACMALL Failed to fulfill order after confirming order and charging credit card. Internet, Internet!!

Placed order Sunday, August 21st while company indicated they had HP touchpads in stock. Got confirmation email….Order did not show up in online account settings. Contacted support via email – order appeared thereafter in my account and credit card was then charged….During the next four days, the order kept saying no tracking info, and no order status. Their phones never worked, despite waiting > 1 hour three times during the week to get status update on shipment….Finally, five days later I received an email:…Dear David,…We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience related to your HP Touch Pad order. As a result of an unintended and unprecedented event, the dramatic price reduction in the discontinued HP Touch Pad which occurred over this past weekend, we received orders so quickly over a couple of hours on Sunday that we were not able to properly process all of these orders. Unfortunately as a result, we are now cancelling unfulfilled orders. We are sorry to inform you that your order was canceled. If you have not already received a cancelation notice, you should expect one soon. Your credit card has not been charged. Again, we are truly sorry for any inconvenience and please accept our sincere apologies. If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact our Customer Service at 1-888-760-0300 and one of our Account Executives will be happy to assist you….This is unacceptable. Do not place an order with them unless you want to risk the hassle of non-fulfillment, and then having to clean up a credit card charge on top of it.

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ONSALE.COM PCMALL, MAC MALL ONSALE.COM/AMAZON.COM SHADY BUSINESS SHADY PRACTICES Internet!! On Aug 21st I purchased from Onsale.com/Amazon two 32 GB HP Touchpad online. Once the order was placed there was a authorized hold on the order. Even though it was cleared on my credit card. I did not hear from them until 4 days after the order was placed telling me my order was canceled. During these 4 days on the amazon.com website it stated my order was shipping soon which gave me this false hope of receiving my shipment. They were very vague about it all and after they… Read more »

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