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Orchard Supply Hardware OSH Lifetime plant warranty not processed as such Newark California!!

Beware of the lifetime plant warranty. If you ever take up OSH on the lifetime plant warranty with the receipt, not only they will scan your id, but report inaccurate information to The Retail Equation. i.e. OSH will treat the warranty as a non-receipted return, and report it at such to your retail equation file. Also, on disputing the claim with the retail equation, OSH claimed that since the return was after 90 days, the system processed the return as a non-receipted return, and that this was not in error.If you offer a lifetime plant warranty, then treat it as a warranty return, especially when a receipt is provided. And don’t treat it as a non-receipted return. Otherwise, I believe that this is false advertising on the part of OSH.

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Orchard Supply Hardware OSH Customer’s Don’t Matter Yorba Linda California!! I spent roughly 2 hours trying to start said Trimmer. Trimmer would not start, I followed all instructions supplied with triI purchased a Craftsman Gas Trimmer on Sunday 3/15/15.mmer. I then spent an hour trying to start it on Monday 3/16/2015. Again trimmer would not start. I packaged the trimmer back up and headed back to store where it was purchased. When I got there I was greeted by an Asian man with glasses, said he was a manager, he did not have a name tag so I didn’t get… Read more »

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