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Orkin Fasle Info, Misleading Reps and Poor Customer Service Philipsburg Pennsylvania!!

I developed a yellow jacket problem in the exterior wall home. Having pets and small children that would be exposed to the area, I wanted to get rid of them. After a few failed attempts on my part with the help or a local hardware store and the internet directing my endeavors. I called around to a few pest control places. Having read some reviews online, I picked ORKIN. Customer Rep I intial spoke to said someone would contact me in 24-48 hours to set up an in home estimate. 72 hours later I recieved phone call. Made the appt. for a set time. Came home to meet with the rep only to find them sitting infront of my house 15 minutes early, having already “done a walk-around” the perimeter. For some reason there were 2 reps, in 2 cars. Now I know why the service costs so much. Sales Rep proceeds to tell me “the issues” he found on his walk-around. Imagine my thoughts when he informed me I had a multitude of insects that I didn’t know about, but that he saw when he walked around. I asked them to show me, but of course they weren’t able to locate any of the suspect insects, except the ones I had already called about (yellow jackets). Skip ahead to the Field Tech coming out. First off who needs a 5 hour window to arrive to treat a standard size house, exterior only? My wife was home and the tech comes to the door and asks “Are you the daughter?” and “Where did you go to college?” After my wife responding with the school she attended, he snidely remarks “How is that working out for you?” He didn’t know that he was here for yellow jackets (acted like it was a hassle to have to do that in addition to the treatment). He then proceeds to spray the house without asking about pets being outside, food or water dishes exposed, or even if the windows were all closed. When I arrived home, from work, he was seated in his truck. I am assuming he was waiting on me to arrive, but without him knowing that I would be home soon. I can’t help but wonder if he has a superiority complex to women and felt that he should only deal with the man of the house. My wife had called me while I was on my way home and told me her impressions and that she was unhappy. When I pulled in he introduced himself and I asked for a business card. He proceeds to jokingly ask if I wanted his card for some side business he has, I don’t know about ORKIN, but if I tried to push my side business while at my regular job that would be frowned upon. After he left I called his supervisor and explained the ordeal to which I was told that “I don’t know what XXXX said, but all his other customers love him, perhaps you took it the wrong way.” As for my other concerns about pet and child safety I was brushed aside with general wording that any person reading a warning label could speil out. I will not continue the service or recommend the service to anyone!

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Orkin Orkin Harlingen Home Extermination Service Scam Harlingen, Texas!!

Do not ever, ever schedule regular home exterminator service with these clowns. If they do not come or for some reason miss a regular appointment they will bill you for it anyway. Even if you pay them cash for each visit they will bill you anyway. If you do not pay their collection goons will hound you forever. Absolute and total scam. Not worth the trouble.

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