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oster jarden consumer solutions Sick & Tired of Burners that burn you and I don’t mean fire either Boca Raton FL!!

Duel counter top hot plate, is my only cooking device. Always had problems with the knobs, but after a little over a year and a half the knob crumbles off in my hand when I went to turn if off. Had tightened the screw several times for it but now I have to look for another one that will not rip me off. The customer service if you can call it that just takes you on a trip around the world and ultimately hangs up on you. Could not find any information what so ever on line about warranty or anything. Starving in the mean time I have no way to cook and it’s Christmas no one around to order anothe one from. No store carries them any more, not one that is worth a hill a beans any way. What a scam. Thier blender is A number one the worst but that is another story about Oster. Over 2 million rip off reports?? That’s pretty bad when they keep letting the Rip Off artists keep selling to that many people…Needs to stop.

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Oster Can opener, “stainless steel”’ retractable cord Nationwide!! I have an Oster retractable cord “stainless steel” can opener. It is only a few months old, hasn’t been used a lot, and it is has a MAJOR MALFUNCTION. It is almost impossible to use. The cans keep disengaging from it, and a .79 cent manual opener is now easier to use. It cost $25, and is worse than the $15 Black & Decker can opener I used to have, which I didn’t think was possible. I miss the 70’s, when the science of manufacturing things that fall apart 5 minutes after… Read more »

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