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I was offered a job at Oyster Bay Resort in Sint Maarten in November 2013. They brought me in from the United States and promised great pay and a free stay at the resort in a condo. When I arrived they put me in a disgusting roach infested hotel room. When I started the job there were no clients and I made no money. After period of time of going to work every day and not earning enough to survive they told me that I had to leave the resort to rent an apartment. When I explained that I was only making $500 a month they said that wasn’t their problem and I had to leave so I ended up going to the Sint Maarten Labor Dept. asking what my rights were. The case worked pulled my immigration file and showed me an employment contract that stated that I was to receive a basic salary as mandated by the law here. At the bottom of the contract there was a signature of the general manager Ricardo Perez and right next to that was a forged signature of my name. These criminals signed my name to a 1 year contract without telling me and never even offered me the salary. The resort is run by scum, The place is filthy and they con Americans to come in to sell they timeshares to other Americans while ripping them off the entire time. Do not stay at the resort the sales director Paolo Lo Castro is a dirty old pervert who spends all of his time and money at the local whorehouses hiring teenage prostitutes. If you stay there with children keep them close because there is no telling what that dirty old pedophile may do to them. Resorts like this give timeshare a bad name and if you value your money then don’t stay at this place. The service is terrible, the food sucks and the management are obviously criminals who will do anything to get out of paying the American staff they bring in. They also deducted half of my earnings for insurance and taxes when I wasn’t ever registered for any of that so they stole back half of my pay. These people are rotten to the core from the General Manager Ricardo Perez down to the sales manager and pervert Paolo Lo Castro. Save your money and stay anywhere except Oyster Bay Resort.

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Oyster Bay Resort OBBR BEWARE OF OYSTER BAY RESORT EMPLOYMENT SCAM THEY VICITEMIZE AMERICAN WORKERS Philipsburg Other!! Oyster Bay Resort Sint Maarten is a piece of s***. They brought me to the resort from the U.S. and did nothing but rip me off and steal from my pay. They were deducting half of my pay for “insurance and taxes” only to find out it went right back into their pockets. They gave me a bogus Tax ID number!! I complained to the labor dept and they showed me an employment contract they says I was suppose to get a salary,… Read more »

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