Petersen Physical Therapy


My wife and I were injured in a car accident October 2022. I scheduled an appointment with my Primary Care Physician and received a referral to Petersen Physical Therapy. .

I began therapy at Petersen Physical Therapy in Maricopa on October 25, 2022. I instructed the administrative staff to invoice my car insurance company until billing is exhausted, thereafter they were instructed to invoice AHCCCS for payment.

I received an unsigned letter via first class mail on November 9, 2022 from Petersen Physical Therapy with a copy of a Medical Lien filed against me and my car insurance provider recorded on October 31, 2022. The letter from Petersen Physical Therapy proclaimed that they had legal entitlement to any litigation proceeds while they continue to be compensated by my insurance. No agreement was ever signed with Petersen Physical Therapy giving them an assignment of any legal proceeds. Petersen Physical Therapy has not yet invoiced AHCCCS for payment, instead they are attempting to attach potential legal proceeds derived from my car accident that they are not entitled to.

Once the car insurance benefits had been exhausted, they were instructed again to bill AHCCCS for services rendered. Instead, on November 10, 2022, Diane from the billing department took it upon herself to contact a third-party insurer to negotiate payment to Petersen Physical Therapy on our behalf without authorization to do so. This was done without any prior authorization and without any prior consent from me and my wife. This is a HIPPA Violation for sharing any medical information with a third-party without prior written consent given.

On Monday, November 14, 2022, the front desk folks provided my wife with a document in attempt to have her sign an authorization to bill a third-party provider. I informed them that we would not be signing anything giving permission to disclose medical information to a third party, nor bill any third party.

Petersen Physical Therapy had no consent from either one of us to discuss anything related to our auto accident with any third party in any capacity. In talking with Diane from the billing department at Petersen Physical Therapy, she decided to contact the third party insurance companies adjuster without any authorization to discuss our physical therapy needs and to gain authorization to bill them as the Primary. Diane already had instructions to invoice our car insurance company, thereafter AHCCCS insurance. This is very serious as we may end up in litigation against the third party insurer and this could negatively impact the financial outcome of her sharing with them our current/future physical therapy needs. Diane from billing had no right to do this!

Petersen Physical Therapy is not honest about their practices. If AHCCCS is your primary insurance provider be sure to have them bill AHCCCS.

& quot;Arizona Revised Statute 2903.01 (K) prohibits providers from billing AHCCCS members, including QMB Only members, for AHCCCS-covered services. & quot;

They will lie to you in an attempt to maximize the amount of money they can collect from other sources above their customary billings. This is why they do not want to bill AHCCCS for contractual rate medical bills. My wife tried to provide the front desk folks with her AHCCCS card and they told her that they didn & rsquo;t need it. Because they do not want to invoice AHCCCS so that they can attempt to fraudulently obtain money that they have no entitlement to from accident victims.

Petersen Physical Therapy & rsquo;s actions constitute Consumer Fraud and are unlawful for non-disclosure, deception, unfair practices, false statements, false pretense, false promises and material misrepresentation. If this has happened to you, you can file a Complaint for free with the Arizona & #39;s Attorney General & #39;s Office for Consumer Fraud and they will investigate your claims. & nbsp; For those with private insurance please review the & #39;No Surprises Act & #39;:

The owner, Jeffrey Petersen attempted to silence me online from disclosing the truth about their practices and had my google review deleted. & nbsp; Probably because he has something to hide about their practices. & nbsp;

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