I am a male model from one of the biggest agency in NY and LA. I worked with Ani Hovhannisyan last year for a lookbook shoot and during wardrobe change she makes sure that she is the one putting my pants on whenever I am changing and every time she graze or my penis through my underwear. I did not say anything because I was new then and I just did not know what to do in that situation. After 4 or 5 times of wardrobe change and she grazing my private part Ani grabbed my penis and said we should meet after the shoot. this left me petrified and speechless. I was shocked. It was a big studio so the rest on the people did not see it as they setup a changing station a little far from the rest of the rest of the people. I was so shocked that she could do that to me. Hovhannisyan was in her late twenties while I was just 17.A few days later she texted me like nothing happened and said we should hang out and she mentioned that she was cocaine for me.Ani Hovhannisyan is represented by Rona Siegel from RonaRepresents.comand her website is http://www.hovha.comIs it too late to call the police now?