They called me 20 minutes ago. They will call you and tell you they are calling from Microsoft company and that you have a malicious virus on your computer that needs to be taken care of immediately. They will make you run some configuration settings to make you feel like there is something actually wrong with your computer. When this representative gave me her fake name ” sarah” (she was unable to give her last name) she told me that this malicious virus could be on any computer in the house. As soon as she took me to a I realised immediately this was a scam, since this is a private software free for download to let others remotely access your computer. While she thought I was following her directions to let her access my computer I was searching for the phone number that she gave me and I came across the other review about how these people are a scam. It took me 30 seconds to look at their website to know that it was a fake website. I hung up on her and called the toll free number again, and someone picked up the phone immediately. I called them back few times ( all with indian accents – they have very bad pronunciation of english words + stammering), i wanted to know where they are located and each time they had a problem hearing me they pretending that they couldn’t hear me. They gave me a different address in a different state each time and carefully left out the building or office number of the address. PLEASE BE SMART IF SOMEONE CALLS YOU. DO NOT LET ANYONE ACCESS YOUR COMPUTER, THEY WILL HAVE ACCESS TO ALL OF YOUR SAVED FILES AND CREDIT CARD NUMBERS, BANK ACCOUNTS!