Just Giving a heads Up. I Thought I should warn Everyone. Phone Number: 519-614-3623Derek Wodrich from Thunder Bay, Canada Area. EBay user id is drw_engineering… Uses 9301 Ryden Rd. Grand Portage, MN 55605 for a mailing address to avoid [email protected][email protected] will order something from you, use a US address when he actually lives in Canada. Even go as far as to have you end an Item early and pay without going through eBay. He will send some emails back and forth and try to get as much information as he can… THEN…..Then sends the PayPal payment and after you ship it, He files an unauthorized user claim stating that someone else made the payment or hacked into his account.Next he will go on line posting about how you ripped him off and along with other info about you.Then he will want money from you to remove the Negative posts