Dr. Stowe claims to be one of the leading researchers on Cancer in the U.S, as well as work with immune system disorders and is also recognized for his work abroad.Dr. Stowe says he is a whole body physician . He says he works with physicians around the country introducing new therapies available in treating Cancer as well as many other Immune System disorders with incredible results. He claims that stem cell research will heal a person with ALS.Not that I would wish this ugly ailment on anyone but if they just lived in an ALS patient for one week and could understand how desperate people feel they would get itThe devil only needs a crack to get in. My sister was willing to spend any amount of money to give her a longer life and a better quality of life. She emptied her bank account, and passed away 1 1/2 years after diagnosis. Typically ALS patients live 2-5 years with this disease…. if you want to call it living.Dr. Stowe claims you will need to pay in 3 payments CASH. $50k, another $25k and then another $50k to be healed. You will then need to go to Mexico for treatment. He is a con-man! He lies about his association with the University of Texas,FDA and that an ALS patient after treatment will stand and never be in a wheel chair again.He should not be able to sleep at night, nor be able to eat, walk, talk, wipe his butt, wash his face, drive… and all those normal daily tasks that an ALS patient cannot do and loses the ability to do quickly!!! He should be HOGTIED AND LEFT TO FEND FOR HIMSELF…..My heart is breaking for the patients that had hope dealing with this LOSER!!