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you were my best bud but you turned out to be a back stabber , I trusted you cause we were tight but you turned out to be an arrogant stuck up jerk that thinks your better than everybody , everybody hates you , and heres a news flash , you aren’t all that , your nothing but a very pathetic human garbage can full of crap crap and more crap . You will never be worth shit , your insignificant in every way and you know it , doesn’t matter what car you drive , what house you buy , your fancy clothes , deep down your nothing but a dick head , all your coworkers laugh at you behind your back , don’t think its true, just ask around , and you drive like the a pussy , and your dick is the size of triple a battery , and you like to fuck your mamas crinkly old ass while you suck your daddys black cock, and what kind of a half breed are you , Enrique Schneider , half Mexican half Austrian , stupid fucking name for a stupid fucking turd ,o and nice hair you ass primping cosmo fag HURRICAN BAY ROCKS!!!!!! KEEP ROCKING THE FREE WORLD BITCHES!!!!!!!

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It has many negative reviews online. I would highly recommend you do your research well before considering them.

There have been various reports of fraud and scams. It is definitely not a company worth your trust or money.

I have tried multiple websites and also their official channel. Yet no response or resolution.

There are a lot of mentions on the Internet regarding their founders indulging in illicit activity and consumers taking them to court.

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