Shipping a puppy scam

I had payed First Trust Shipping to ship a puppy from Portland MA. to Evansville IND. for the price of $230.00 on the 14th of feb.2014 he was to be in Evansville at 9 pm about 2 I got a message stating that the puppy had to have a speical crate to be shipped in and they wanted me to send another $600.00 for a rental and refund 98% of that back. Yea right ! Anyway I told them they would not get another dime from me till the puppy was with me. And they said the puppy would more than likely die in the cold because I didn’t send the money. So I would like to see these people caught but I also know that more than likely wont happen but if you want to see the shipping order go to First Trust Shipping and under the tracking number puy 5885670AD5 and you can see it all.