"Easy system" is a complete scam

Hide your wallet.I first found this company on craigslist looking for telemarketers. I should have known right from the start they were a scam when the ad said how “easy” it would be to make $2,000 a day.The ad also said they’ve selling a “similar” product since ’04. When I asked if they had any references that people could talk to about this, they said, “This is a new product for us and we haven’t sold any yet.” So, it’s not so “similar” that they’ve actually test-marketed it yet (so, they lie when they say it’s “easy” when they haven’t sold any). That, or the product sucks and they don’t want anyone to talk to unsatisfied clients.Here is their “easy” process.Call up the businesses that are “super interested” in something like this…..mostly chiropractors and fitness centers. Well, I’ve been in telemarketing for over 20 years doing projects like this and got 8 leads out of 600 contacts. I wouldn’t call that “easy.” The vast majority of places had zero interest.The next step in their “easy” process is to send them their “powerful info pack.” It’s just their website and a short power-point.Then, do a follow-up…..which I did. And out of all 8 leads I generated, not a single one wanted to learn any more about it. Not a single one. When I tried to press for more info as to why, they all flat-out said they had zero interest in it. So, definitely not “easy” like their ad claimed. And definitely not a “powerful info pack” when not a single person said, “That looks intriguing….I’d like to learn more.”That’s the first time that’s happened to me in over 20 years. At least SOMEBODY wants to learn more and has questions. All 8 of my leads had ZERO interest in learning more after seeing their “powerful info packet.”I was then told to turn in my leads to the co-owner because he’s an “awesome salesman.” After a few days of not hearing back, I called in. Right off the bat, before this guy even knew who I was, he was a complete jerk (I’m thinking of a few expletives that better apply).When I told him who I was, he started SCREAMING at me how “useless” my leads were. I find that very odd because I used the “easy” script that THEY gave me…..and sent them the “powerful info pack” that THEY gave to me….and went after fitness centers and chiropractors….the categories THEY told me to go after…..and they all said they wanted to learn more…….until they actually saw their “powerful info pack.”No, the only thing that was “useless” is their “powerful info pack” and the “jerk” owner who called them. If that guy called me giving away $100 bills, I’d hang up on him. He was THAT big of a jerk on the phone. And like I said, he was that way with me even before he knew who I was. As I said, I’ve been in phone sales over 20 years and have never met a more abrasive person. I then saw another ad from this company promoting the same product but going after “Biz Opp Seekers” instead. My guess is, they had zero luck going after the actual businesses they say it’s “easy” to sell this to and decided to go after a bunch of suckers who are looking for a business opportunity and getting THEM to buy it with the BS story on how “easy” it is to sell to fitness centers and chiropractors.I literally started laughing. I also felt sorry for anyone who is looking for a real business and that’s why I wrote this report so they don’t flush their money down the toilet on this “easy” program.They even talk about going after people’s “greed” in the ad when selling this to biz opp seekers…..which, to me, screams “RIP OFF” when you have to sell “greed” instead of actual benefits.Like I said…..hide your wallet.