This guy likes to use dating sites, usually gay dating sites, to scam people of there money. He was born in Receife Brazil and works as a gay escort, and internet conman man. On his profile, he will use pictures of his boyfriend who is a cute white guy with blue eyes, and short dark blonde hair. Giovanni, as he calls himself to friends lives in London UK, His scam is to get you to send him money for an airline ticket, he will say that he only has some of the money, and asks if you can send the rest via western union. I will post a picture of what he really looks like. By the way, his previous usernames were Hugagymboy, agymflex26. Mark Brieter. His also made 2 gay movies in brazil, about maybe 9 years ago, had plastic surgery and phaloplasty. The picture posted is how he looks now. The reason for the scam is so he can help pay for his mothers doctor bills back in brazil, thats how he justifies the scam. I dont know how much of the money he keeps for himself.