Asking for wire transfers

I received an email to my school email address offering me an online part time job. I emailed back. They automatically gave me the job. She then proceeds to send me a check and tells me that part of it goes to me and then the rest goes to the “supplier”. I had to wire transfer money to the “supplier” from my personal account. The check technically cleared, but it was a fake check and it took the bank a while to catch. I found out this whole thing was a fraudulent case. Here is the email they sent me: Hello Shannon,Thank you for your interest in learning more about this offer and possibly working for Global Corporation Service. By taking this step;you have made your first step toward a truly rewarding part-time opportunity with a global company. Founded more than a century ago; Global Corporation Service is the industry-leading provider of business, legal and financial services. If you are looking for the chance to expand your professional horizons or want to earn some money working part time then consider joining our teams and units.We have Corporate Service Offices and Registered Agents all over the States that are working for the Corporation , Our service units provide these Corporate Service Offices and Registered Agents with materials they need in carrying out their daily jobs such as Overhead Projectors, Presentation Folders, and Other Office Equipment they need in carrying out there daily jobs. You will work part-time with Agency Service Unit as Registered Representative, agents will contact you when they need materials and will quote the type of material and the quantity they will be needing, your duty is to contact the Suppliers that sell these items and place order for them and also state the quantity that should be shipped out to the Independent agent location through the post. NB: The unit will provide you with fund to place these orders, so you are NOT meant to use your personal money for the jobs; also the Unit will provide you with guidelines on how to go about placing these orders and making payments for them, that way you will get your jobs done perfectly. The Corporation has increasingly grown and has created more Registered business units and Corporate offices hence the part-time offer is being created to reduce workloads on already working Registered Representatives and Service staffers.This is an Online job were each Independent agent will only order for material ones in a week, so you are to work 2 hours daily, your weekly Salary/Wages payment is $216.75 which will be mailed and paid to you as a Check/Money order. You will be guided and provided with instructions you will need in getting your jobs done. If you are interested to proceed, Kindly get back to us with the requested information below so a background check can be made and also your employment letter can be processed.1: Names:2: Full Street Address(Not PO Box):3: City, State, Zip Code:4: Present Occupation:5: Cell Phone Number:6: Best Time to Reach You:7: Gender:8: Alternative Email;Check your email box at-least twice daily and also reply to messages soon as you can.Feel free to ask questions. We hope you will enjoy working with our service Unit.SincerelyLauren Rochelle Unit Recruitment Service DeptDONT FALL FOR IT!