Credit card charged for a free sample

On 6-7-15 I went in on a web page and found a bottle of new age serum face therapy $0.00. 16 day trial no commitments FREE shipping $9.95 discount activated savings applied -$2.,98 Total $6.97. I had called and gone in on the website and cancelled the continuance; I received on 7-23 -15 the exact same item with an invoice for$89.95USD. I called the number at the top of the invoice and explained the situation. No one would believe me when I said I had cancelled. I returned the 2nd. shipment at my expense; and was given credit on my card for $89.95. They refuse to credit my card for the first $89.95. I have not talked with nor heard from them since 8-4-15. I have notified the Better Business Bureau in Arizona, The Federal Trade Commission, The Tempe AZ Chamber of Commerce and Global Tek Distribution Services, Inc. I have also posted on Facebook, Bing, Google and New Age Serum. I have heard back from the BBB in AZ. They forwarded me a copy of a reply from Global Tek, Lisa Smith. In it they said they will not issue a refund for the first charge of $89..95 since I said I already disputed that charge with my bank. This is not true. At one point, I talked with a representative and said I may have to call the credit card co (No bank mentioned) and our attorney. He asked me to wait until the following week and call back. That I did. After I received no satisfaction from New Age, I called my credit card co and asked the procedure. Teresa said she would institute an investigation into the $89.95. She also said she has seen this many times in her line of work. I still haven’t called my card company. I got your name from AARP. I will hold off calling the card co. Really, if Global Tek can credit my card for the item I returned, they should be able to credit my card for the item that was free (just pay S&H). I would appreciate any help you can give me I found out today a friend of mine in NJ on Facebook was also scammed. .