WARNING. Do NOT hire this company to do any work. PERIOD. The female owner is a convicted criminal who scams people and sends her workers to steal from homes. I made the grave mistake of hiring this company. The female owner showed up with her workers. They manipulated me and tricked me, pretending that were going to fix the plumbing. Half an hour later, they overcharged me, never obtained a signature, never gave me a receipt, and then left. Immediatly afterwards, I found cracks in fixtures, leaks I never had before, and water damages. My bathroom floors were two inches deep in water. Worst of all, my purse and wallet were gone. I was devastated. I checked the home security cameras and indeed it was the three people from Gold Metal Plumbing. I went to the police and filled out police reports. I later found out about the owner and the fraud she commits on people. Do NOT hire this company.The owner is BAD NEWS. She’s a horrible scam artist and crook and a robber. If you deal with this company, Gold Metal Plumbing, you’ll regret it.The owner is a convicted felon and on parole.WARNING: Gold Metal Plumbing will do serious damage to your property!!