Persistant scammer with many different modus operandi!

We were approached by a 55yr old ‘helper’ registered on the website’ as ‘kelly Boulter’ to come to our home and help for a certain number of hours per day in exchange for accommodation and food. He was supposedly ex Australian Military, helicopter pilot, ex embassy security staff etc etc. He (too) quickly became very friendly with my husband and immediately suggested we should relocated to Australia and they could start a business together – he even gave us return e-tickets to travel to Australia to see if we would consider it. Then came the sting! He’d been mugged in Paris and lost all ID – being ex- embassy, his passport couldn’t be sent by courier for security reasons. He needed cash. My husband agreed to accept a Western Union payment on his behalf. He stated that this came from his mother but was paid in by a neighbor, because his mother was sick. The sender was Mrs Jovanka AREZINA who happened to have given birth to a child named Goran Markovic on 01/12/1959. My husband agreed that he could do a bank transfer into our current account. On the strength of this arriving, a payment was made to his partner (accomplice?) Nicola Penny in Hounslow, UK. After his departure in January 2015, it was discovered that this money had not arrived, the plane tickets were fake and he’d arrived under a false ID. Since his departure from us 4 months ago, 4 more victims have fallen victim to his scams – one for a far greater amount than ours.He is still traveling around Europe in his stolen UK plated car (no tax,, no insurance, no MOT) so beware – he could be in your area next!