Telling you it has been shipped for the last 28 days fake ups tracking number

Ordered a projector on 04/14/2015 Co. This company guarantee would ship whit in 48 hours . They would not email a product receipt . Called and asked on the 04/16 and 04/17 two times. This through up a red flag. Called back after one week 04/21 gave me an UPS tracking number that was not a good number. Called back on 04/24 I was told it would be shipped on the the 04/27 and would receive in two days overnight postage. Did not receive package .Called on 05/01 Was given a new UPS tracking number .This number has been generated by this co.since 05/02 I have called ups twice they have been helpful telling me that it has not shipped as of 05/18 .I called this Company today They said it has been shipped since last Monday 05/04 and must be lost I stated to them what UPS said they have not pu this package or scanned it in there system He said they were lying .Now who do you think I believe. I asked for a full refund today by 3:00 pm eastern time and have not received any credit.