Gave identifications an no response after.

I was interested in a car rental, on line . It then asked me to submit a picture Id and my social security number. I was alarmed about the information an stopped. Then received a email asking if I was still interested. I been planning a trip so I thought why not. So i gave my number an picture, as soon as I sent that. Mark got right back at me within 30 mins asking for credit card numbers. I seen this happen to some about their credit card so gave a old one to him. After all this He didn’t get at me I had to call him. He said there are no locations in my area to go an do the test drive or rent the car if I liked it. I asked for something to state I did this an was unable to check about a rental. He said No Not at All. I continued to try an get at him wondering about my information I had sent . No answer by phone or email. I gound this guy an company from doing surveys an liked what it was saying. So I went with it ,because it would have been perfect for my trip. I believe he is taking ppls identites an social security numbers to do illegal things. Agin he will not answer me.