i-Direct Finance

I was looking for a personal loan got a call from a Charles Williams, offering me a loan for $30,000 they told me they work with private loan investors that i would have to fill out the application and get approve at 3% interest rate . They send me all the paper work with application fee of $510.00 then once i sent a cashier check sent federal express. Once they received it then i got a call that i was approved that in order for them to send the money i had to give them my bank information for them to transfer the funds but in order for them to transfer the funds i had to send them a cashiers check for the closing cost of the amount of $1500.00 which i did and they told me they would transfer the funds the next day . So the next day came nothing happen i called them and they told me that i need to send them another $1500.00 because they change investing company and there was a increase of the costing cost that would be refunded back when they gave me the funds . Nothing happen i called back spoke to Charles Williams and cancell the whole transaction he send me a cancellation letter with a refund of $1600.00 that i will be receiving in 6 month which was suppose to be in November 2019. Untill today Janurary 31, 2020 i have not received any refund and when i call they don’t want to talk to me. And My Bank Account got hacked and they tried putting a stop payment to one of my checks for $500.00 which thank god the bank notify me by text and i was able to get it in time. I had to go and change all my bank accounts and have my accounts all now on lifelock. I want those people in jail and i want my money back ..