They stole my money

My son wanted me to get a Siberian husky puppy he showed me, Jake. I just filled out my information on the site and received a response right away. We had a long conversation on our love for animals. Our conversation became a lot more personal and in depth while money was discussed and we were negotiating. My son was exciting and home sick as I and they were scamming pretty fast already knowing my weakness and situation. There was not much time to think on how fast the process was happening except in between their stalling tactics. They start texting right away and do possess interpersonal savvy skills. They said they would sell us the puppy Jake for $345 because they want my son to have it so badly. I idiotically opened up to them really explaining what my son has gone through. We were in the middle of a DA case and ugly Divorce with my son’s father. It was a very abusive marriage. My son was in the other room when my husband raped me, and the trauma of losing his brother and my other son. I was left with a disfigured face and scars but my son had deep emotional scars as well. He’s been asking for a puppy of his own for 5 years and promised by his dad and my sister and it never happened. I started to open up more because I was so grateful and my child was the happiest he has been. They asked for payment in the form of an Amazon card. When we thought our puppy was going to be delivered then their was a charge rental on the crate for $950. They will keep $49 and the rest was promised to be reimbursed to me. (Trevor Mathis)acted shocked and confused while (Sharman Malik) just kept lying that our dog was there waiting to be put on the next flight. We stayed up all night for days with fake tracking numbers and flights. We exchange pictures of my 11 year old son with our 13 year old dog. He was even convo going as far as saying he’ll pay half of the MoneyGram and I can send him his half. This was all confusing to me since I’ve never done a MoneyGram, and bought our dog from a shelter. When I was younger my parents always went to breeders. I was already trying to process that my son said he looked up buying a Siberian husky puppy in Massachusetts but Richmond Virginia came up. Trevor, and Sharman were charming and complimentary especially towards my son. I didn’t have the money to cover the carrier. My son and I were so upset and concerned for the puppy Jake just sitting at the (Agency) for days. I told them this was my money I was saving for my son and my lawyer. That it needed to be returned right away and asked when. The pressure to do the Mongram was tremendous. They even have a person calling on a New Jersey phone number calling and yelling to pay the carrier fee or the puppy sits there. (Trevor Mathis) asked to talk and to comfort my son when the puppy was held up. (Sharman Malik) asked to talk to my son. I was not too comfortable with that and didn’t let that happen and made up an excuse. When we stayed up and looked up flights and on their AED website and the breeders. There were no arrival or departures from Baltimore Maryland to Massachusetts. When I finally get a hold of (Trevor) or (Sharman) when truly I feel they are possibly the same person. The criminal is working with his wife. (Sharman) from the (agency) said they just released Jake back to the owner and gave him the MoneyGram and reassured me he seemed like an honest man. Not only did their stories have holes, and start to not make sense or conflict. I wasted many hours, texts, and over 30 e-mails for days as my son was so devastated. I couldn’t catch my breathe until Trevor text back. Trevor said he was so upset he was sending the dog through another agency. Atlantic Express and Jake will be delivered at our door. I was so confused by that as well and started to stop going on a wild goose chase and looking up Atlantic Express. I called that agency and spoke with the manager and they do not deliver animals. I confronted (Trevor Mathis) and (Sharman Malik) and (Head Office) of AED on not calling me and letting me believe my son’s puppy was on a flight. Then my son and I waited another day until (Trevor Mathis) try to sound so noble on wanting to drive my son’s puppy to us. He showed me a fake license or someone’s license he probably stole to assure me to trust him. I asked why it said he was from Texas? They either derail the conversation or don’t answer. They prey upon the fact you are so worried about this animal and don’t want to lose your money. (Trevor Mathis) told me he was going to drive to Massachusetts from Virginia and he had my MoneyGram. He would ask about the tension in my voice and why I was upset and to calm down. When I simply stated the obvious concerns. I still continued to ask why he just didn’t send my MoneyGram to me besides the (Agency) unprofessionally giving it to him and asking why he took the carrier from them? He has lost composure and gotten moody and impatient. You get so nervous with someone holding onto a life, and our livelihood. I begged a friend to stay over if he was driving here. We waited all day as my son kept asking where his puppy Jake was. (Trevor Mathis) did not only ask for a copy of my license and but tried to get me to go out there and meet him halfway if he was too tired. He was talking about really wanting to meet my son and was hoping he could come. I told (Trevor) my son is sick. Then everything went cold and he blocked me. I sent enough info on the resources I could use to go after him and I was pressing charges. I sent a tip to the FBI and told him I am pressing charges and asked what the Hell was he going to do to my son and I if I did drive out there. I have texts screen shots and receipts and started swearing like a truck driver when I actually scared my scammer into calling me back. As my friends witness such a bizzare thing. He was begging for me not to do anything and he would give me $200. I asked if he was joking and said I wanted $1,037.50. (Trevor) was surprise I wanted it all back?! Was it stupid question day?! I raised my voice as he started to tell me his wife and him ran into some issues. I told him I don’t give a shit and I’m not doing this idiotic dance with him. That he had no idea what he did to my child and he is a sick man! (Trevor) has the audacity to start telling me he will not talk to me if I don’t listen. I stopped and listened. The sick cook was claiming he still had Jake and told me Jake was mine. I told him there is no Jake. As (Trevor) tried to argue about Jake’s existence. I told him I don’t know if Jake exists but I know my money does and to give it back. When he tried to explain his problems again that him and his wife are dealing with. I told him to return all my money tonight. Of course he has not given back my money yet. I make sure I keep calling and texting him everyday. I will send screen shots of me tipping off the FBI, and have ever resource coming at him. I will not stop going after him. I said it could all stop if he just gave back my money. (Tevor Mathis) went into a panic on the phone and I told him again to give back the $1,037.50 he owes me. If Jake that puppy really exists? Then fine! Give it to my son. Honestly, I wouldn’t even take the puppy if it did. It would just remind me on what a nightmare this man is. What he could have done to my son and I. I was scared about him knowing my address and personal information. I’m scared (Trevor) and maybe his wife (Lema) might steal my identity or what they might do to my son and I. They do not sound sorry or remorseful for what they have done. They actually sound very entitled. The question of what I want out of this? I want my money back and I’m not going to stop. I’m pressing charges and using every resource to report this man and stop him. That he never does this to anyone else or worse. My money should be given back and people should not be blamed for being scammed. It’s embarrassing in hindsight and most likely a lot more people were to embarrassed to say they fell for something showing so many red flags. What about not leaving the victims in destitute and vulnerable? You can’t even watch a free movie on you tube. Why aren’t these animal sites investigated and shut down? Companies just have rules to protect themselves but not the victims. I want my money back not if more for what they put us through. I want their sites shut down and charges pressed against these sick people. I want to make sure my son and I are safe and anyone else.