This guy contacted me on a filmmakers page on Facebook. He said he was a filmmaker and bla bla. He sent me the page of his company World Last Hero Productions, except there is no company at all, no office, no nothing, its just him and his cellphone. He sent me several scripts and I thought he had talent. Then I got an email from someone telling me that he steals the scripts from other person, he is not even the writer. He said he attended NYFA but he never finished, because he is too arrogant to listen to the teachers, HE NEVER FINISHED ACTING SCHOOL! HE NEVER TOOKED A SINGLE CLASS ON HOW TO BE A FILMMAKER OR A PRODUCER! he is a total scam. I was going to finance a couple of his films, but I did my research. He scammed a company in London a year ago for 50 grant. He has no idea about acting at all. He thinks he is the best, and he is not at the Guild!! he sleeps with his actresses, some part time escorts he thinks they are better than Meryl Streep. He brainwashes them, but they are so stupid, because when he meets Smart men and Smart women they just cut him off!! He tried to scammed a girl I know, he wanted her money because he though she was rich. BEWARE, DO NOT GIVE MONEY TO JEREMIAH SAYYS!! real name William Wesley Hopper, some redneck who thinks he knows it all!! and his long time ex girlfriend told me he is a cheater too, glad she is now with a good man. He will take your money and your time. Also he has been convicted several times for drug trafficking and DUIs. He doesnt write his scripts, his ex film partner knew about his scam!!