This man stole money from my elderly mother

In October of 2016, my mother gave Jonathon Franklin Sabo a check and cash totaling $490. The money was for John to complete work on our front porch. He had been her handyman for over 10 years and my mother trusted him. John said he would start the next day, but he never showed up.My mother called him many times during the next two weeks to find out when he would start the work, but he always gave her excuses. He then would not even answer her phone calls.My mother talked to his wife, Julie. Julie told my mother that she did not know where John was and that they were divorced.My mother knew Julie was lying because her friend had seen them both at the local casino. As of January 2019, my mother’s friend says that she still sees them at the casino once or twice a month.John had always said that he gave my mom and my aunt (now deceased) a good deal on the work he did for them. I have witnessed his work and found it of amateurish quality, gaps between the tile flooring and walls, drips of paint left to dry, grout that wasn’t mixed correctly. Even so, my mother and aunt relied on John to fix things around the house. They trusted him.In March of 2016, my mother and aunt had gone out to Illinois for six months to visit their children and grandchildren. While they were out there, I had to hire a plumber to replace a leaking water heater and cracked PVC pipes. I had also had a neighbor’s son so some work on our front porch.On the day that John received the $490 from mother, I remember being on the phone with the plumber, and I had mentioned the total cost of the work the plumber had charged me.I believe John was upset that I did not call him to fix the water heater or the porch. I think John feels that he is entitled to the $490 because he had always given my mom and aunt a “good deal” on the price of his work.I would have filed a civil suit against him, but I was advised that I probably would not be able to collect money from him because he worked for himself.I would like the public to be aware of this scammer and thief. Jonathon Franklin Sabo took money from a 79-year-old woman and did nothing in return for it. He has made no attempt to refund the money to my mother and has given no reason for doing so.Here is what I know about this man:Jonathon Franklin Sabo, approximately 53 years old.Also goes by John or Jonathan.