This scam was NOT on eBay but on Craigs list Kissimmee fl I am trying to sell a Gibson Guitar.listed as LES PAUL TRADITIONAL GUITAR – $2500 (Kissimmee Florida) I received this email back and it looked too structed, I put his name in the search engine and came up with he ripped me off I have not sent him a reply yet and waiting for someone to contact me for further assistance from the FBI. Being a laison with the Oaks Watch for the past 10 years I have been trained to look for scams like this and this is definatly one! This guy will not get away with it! Here is the email that he sent back that is spot on with others I read!Good to have your reply. I am Kester F Edward Jr, from Topeka, KS. andwould have loved to come and inspect this at your place myself, but Iam a marine engineer and presently off-shore. I am interested inbuying this for my son in Ohio as a surprise birthday gift and plsjust make sure it is in condition described. I will appreciate morepictures if available and will be sending your money asap. My shipperwill be available to pick this up as soon as payment is made. Do youhave paypal account? because, I have a paypal account that I caneasily send money through because, its good for business payments. Getback to me with your paypal email address and name in order for me tohave your money sent on time. Confirm sale to me and remove the addfrom posting.regardsKester F Edward Jr255 NW Capitol View TerTopeka, KS