I used to work with this company for 5 years and as being a car exporter company we exported large sum of cars via this company .But in one fine shipment these people caused damaged to one of my expensive car MERCEDES BENZ S65 AMG which was actually brand new car .I reported them and asked them to negotiate the damage caused by them .they kept on prolonging the matter asking me to get the proofs that it was damaged by them but when finally I was able to find proofs and finally proved them that they have caused me this damage .I asked them to pay me the claim of damage or negotiate it anyhow as I am ready to do so .these people completely changed their words and said we can’t do anything .Never give them any shipment they might cause damage to any delicate or your expansive item and will never even say sorry or negotiate with you any how .They don’t care at all .They damaged my 100,000$ car completely during shipment and never bothered .