Marjorie Sandford, MSJ Family Puppies, [email protected], 209-780-4450, 247 Naglee Road Tracy, CA 95304-7324, this is the supposed name, company name, e-mail address, phone number and address of the low life who promised me a Yorkie Puppy on the site, this idiot even gave me references and the references checked out but were obviously fake. I sent my $480.00 and then this so called dog breeder (loser) said I needed to pay another $180.00 to ship the puppy after I paid what was listed on the site and the price listed was inclusive of shipping, in bright red letters. I have since had them removed from Puppy Finder and I have reported them to the FTC, I will continue to post about this thief to protect others and their children from being robbed by this low life, money grubbing pathetic loser….I have a chain of e-mails from this pathetic person who lives in California and I intend to get the language out there so others know what to look for.Thank you