Posted: 2009-05-30 by 2brtloan modification ScamComplaint Rating: In November of 2008 requested info and help with loan modification. Agent Mike LeGrand called me every day for almost a week requesting that I use their services to get process started for loan mod. Supposedly they had checked with the atty. and it was determined that something could be done… these are posted by different people whom have dealt with mike legrande. Below you will find his arrest reord for five other organized fraud charges. He says he is Managing partner for RGE oil trades and commodities company. this man is noone. sits in his underwear pretending to be some big wig millionaire doing oil deals with a company he is no more a part of than you are. He hasnt met personally with anyone. he has to take a bus to starbucks or other place just to have a decent skype meeting where he manipulating the next victims.Sources to investigate. Broward County Clerk of Courts. reseach him.Xcon, Felony conviction already for theft. Facing five more organized fraud charges. evictions from everywhere he has lives. including trailer parks. Restraining orders from x girlfriends who not only did he con and steal from but hurt.Call the broward county prosecuters office. he is due in court on 2/25/2019 with judge bober at 10 am if anyone is search. all the complaints are there including mine. look into tis man. whether it be for personal or business. you will lose everything, you will regret not doing your homework, yet if you speak with him you would never not for one second think this man mike legrande is less than perfect. con fraud and manipulater right down to the websters definition. he has several email addresses, several numbers, he will throw names around at you and provide every document you think you would need. but if you are doubtful and careful and smart…really listen you will see through his con and save yourself alot of trouble.besides this man is most likely going to jail, but if not he will be more desperate than ever to con the next business or women w kids. he preys on single moms who need to believe him.he will make you feel you need him. then he will MAKE you need him. i have stories to tell i have from x girlfriends ones w restraining orders and x.child support he owes 40 grande on. his drivers lisence indefinitely revoked. cars always repossessed. homes evicted or he lives from girlfriend to girlfriend. people…none of this is a lie. all is 100000 percent truth. and theres so much more i have not mentioned. he scammed another 75 thousand frokm the family of another x girlfriend. i can give names to contact. another business he was able to be named on their company (not sure of how) anyway this man went and got a loan without the knowledge of the other partners, then let the property default forclose and the bank (sun bank) sent letters to all the people on the loan or the company. ( i found this info in his paper work but of course he tried to explain it in such a simple oh thats crazy kind of way) these other partners owned the property, not mike legrande.they were the only ones to resond to sun trust. then they had to buy back their own property while mike legrande walked away without a scratch. just lots of mail and hate calls.he will most of the time return calls not answer them. unless he knows you and your on his line wating to reel you in. scammersbuster Junior Member Join Date: Oct 2008Posts: 16 Re: Beware Of Mpl Financial Michael Legrande ——————————————————————————–MICHAEL LEGRANDE IS A CON ARTIST AND WAS CHARGED (SEE BELOW) WITH THIS CRIMEFrom: Calabro, JohnSent: Wednesday, January 21, 2009 9:06 AMTo: Cc: Feiner, TaraSubject: Michael LegrandeMichael Legrande has been arrested and charged with Organized Fraud. Bond set at $50, 000. – Still in custody at the Broward County Jail. Awaiting a Nebbia (bond Hearing). – Please forward to Hubert. Txs.LEGRANDE, MICHAEL INMATE INFORMATIONArrest Number: 520900015 Arrest Date: 01/19/2009 Race: W Sex: M DOB: 07/30/1968 Height: 511 Weight: 220 Hair: BRO Eyes: HAZ Arresting Agency: COOPER CITY * Location: Main Jail * Visitation: 4C View Schedule * Expected Release Date: click to enlarge CHARGE(S) INFORMATIONCharge Number: 1 Case Number: 080577AF10 Statute: 817.034-4a2 Description: OBTAIN PROPERTY OVER 20000 DOLLARS Charge Comment: ORGANIZED FRAUD (NEBBIA REQUIRED FOR BOND) Bond Type: BD Bond Amount: 50, 000.00