Financial Assistant fake job – check cashing Money Gram scam

BEWARE the “Norbert Adenauer GMBH Financial Assistant job offer” scam. After accessing my contact details through, I was approached with an “opportunity” to become a “financial assistant” for fake German company “Norbert Adenauer GMBH”. The email directs the user to enter their details through a registration form on the site, or to email manager “Louisa Dittmar” with additional questions. After doing so, I received this response: -Thank you for your response.Our company’s name Norbert Adenauer – GMBH, located in Germany. We offer a simple part-time home based job which doesn’t require any special experience.Our customers from the USA will send you checks by mail. Checks will be written out to your name. All you’ll need to do is to cash these checks, take out your part and transfer the rest of the amount from your local Money Gram office to clients. All names and amounts will be in the detailed instruction. Your share will be 8 to 15 percent of check amounts. Check amounts will be from $2,000 to $3,000. They’ll be sent one at a time.You can find all information on our website norbertadenauer-gmbh.comIf you feel that this opportunity is the right fit for you, please, confirm by e-mail your correct and current address and phone number.Also let me know if you are ready to complete the first task.Compulsory requirements:1) ability to cash checks,2) transfer money through Money Gram.The first assignment will be sent to you ONLY after I receive your confirmation. Best regards,Louisa Dittmar, Financial Manager,Norbert Adenauer – GMBH-DO NOT GIVE ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION OR PARTICIPATE IN THE SCHEME – IT IS A SCAM.A simple ICANN whois search reveals the site was registered on October 14, 2014 – I am writing this warning on October 17, 2014.Here are the ICANN whois search results, revealing the Chinese owner of the website:Name: Wuxi Yilian LLCOrganization: Wuxi Yilian LLCMailing Address: No.1001 Anling Road, Xiamen Fujian 361008 cnPhone: +86-592-257-7888Ext:Fax: +86.5922179606Fax Ext:Email: [email protected]