On-Rebate & TigerDirect Your bad experience is not isolated or unique. Write their congressmen and make a difference. SCAM Boca Raton & Miami Florida!!

The simple fact is TigerDirect and On-Rebate are working together to intentionally withhold rebate checks….This is not an opinion. On-Rebate’s current President worked for TigerDirect for 10 years prior to accepting this position….When you read their responses apologizing for individual’s bad experiences and their desire to rectify the situation, please take this for what it is. This is an attempt to convince readers the complaint is an isolated incident. These incidents are not isolated and your bad experience is not unique….I suggest you write and share your experiences with the congressmen who represent the district’s where TigerDirect and On-Rebate are located….Lincoln Diaz-Balart is Florida’s 21st district representative which includes TigerDirect’s Miami office….E. Clay Shaw, Jr. is Florida’s 22nd district representative which includes On-Rebates Boca Raton office….To contact either congressman, logon to www.house.gov….Congressmen and Congresswomen, listen to people. The more they hear and they louder you speak, the more likely you are to see results….Continuously write the congressmen until you make a difference. Good luck!!…Jason…Atlanta, GeorgiaU.S.A.