Only-Mannequins Mannequinmaven Did not honor my order / poor communication East Orange New Jersey!!

I ordered a mannequin through the company mannequinmaven website and was then transferred to only-mannequins, both companies are affiliated and based in East Orange, NJ. They e-mailed me 2 days after my initial order to let me know that the mannequin I ordered was out of stock and offered to change the product for a lesser quality, different colors and different features mannequin. I declined their offer. They ignored me for 1 week and, after a second e-mail asking the whereabouts of my order, I received an e-mail in full caps, telling me that the mannequin they offered me as a replacement had the same feature as the one I ordered. Which is unfortunately totally not true. I have since been ignored by their customer service, 3 weeks after placing my order. The mannequin I initially ordered is still offered for sale on their website and through other selling plateform they use. I’m filling this complaint to warn other persons who are willing to buy a mannequin to avoid only-mannequins and mannequinmaven. They don’t treat their customers with respect and don’t honor their orders. Stay away from them !