OnTrac OnTrac Shipping and Delivery Guaranteed Delivery Means Nothing to OnTrac! Chandler Arizona!!

Never use these horrid people! I paid for guaranteed 2 day delivery and package was to be delivered on Monday, 12/03/18. When my package did not arrive, I checked the tracking number on the OnTrac web page. According to the website, my package went out for delivery on Monday but was u2018redelivered’ to the OnTrac Bakersfield, Ca warehouse Monday evening and scanned and out for delivery by end of day Tuesday, 12/04/18. Once again on Tuesday, no delivery! Wednesday morning, same info as Tuesday morning so I tried to call the 1-800 customer service number. After waiting on hold fo 83min24sec., a very rude, snotty woman answered, u201cWhat do you expect? It’s the holidays! It will get there!u201d And she hung up! Did not ask for tracking number, or any info about the package just u2018it will get there!’ On 12/07/18, I was notified by email that my package was lost, seller had been notified package had been lost. On 12/09/18, I get an email that my package had been delivered at 6:18pm, on my front porch. Major problem! We were outside, putting lights up around my front porch! No delivery! No OnTrac truck! No package! Called the 1-800 number first thing Monday morning, a 76min on hold, I got a different Rude, Snotty person. u2018Of course or driver delivered your package, just like we told you it would be when we contacted you on phone, Saturday 12/08/18′. I did not get a call from them on Saturday, they did not deliver on Sunday! Person on phone had nerve to say that GPS scan showed my house! I don’t care what GPS shows, he did not come here! Then on Friday night, 12/14/18 at 6:57pm. I get a voice mail message from Ulysses, manager at the Bakersfield, Ca OnTrac Distrubtion warehouse, regarding my lost package. Ulysses wanted to tell me that he was leaving for the weekend but, u2018I will call you first thing Monday’, 12/17/18, as soon as he got in! Today is Friday, 12/21/18 at 1:00pm, guess Ulysses hasn’t came in yet or Ulysses lies just like the Customer non-support Center, and the drivers! OnTrac notified the seller that the package had been delivered. Since OnTrac had previously notified seller the package was lost, seller had initiated a refund, now, they give me 30 days to return the item or resubmit payment! Still no package! Still no call as promised from Ulysses!