I locked myself out of our house March 15, 2012 at 8 pm, l I used my cell phone information assistance for a locksmith. I was given 972-813-0043 and they gave me OPEN LOCKSMITH MOTO 800-880-7608 and they sent out their technician… 818-259-9664 who I had a hard time understanding because of a language problem. And it took him 2-3 hours to arrive because of this problem had hard time following directions….When he finally arrived he tried for 10 minutes to pick the lock but was un successful so he drilled the key hole out. And was told he would have to order another key sleeve, and it would probably take a couple of days, and was charged $371.29…. He returned 5 days later with the key hole sleeve, and re- keyed the key hole to match my key. Took less than 20 minutes to do it. Then he charged me another $375.00. I was never told there would be an additional charge….Thats a total price of $746.29 for a total of less than 1 hour work. I told him his charges were ridiculous and he said I dont set the prices. I was never told the prices up front from the start because of his pretend language problem he never gave me his name, the directions he was coming to get to my house. I have called several locksmith and the most I been quoted is $250 to do this same job. I was never quoted any price when he came out and I continued to ask him what this would cost and the only time I got a price quote was when he finished… I have been ripped off!