OPR Developers Scams Syracuse, New York!!

As the parent of an SU student living in an OPR apartment I can attest first hand to the outrageous prices they charge for “fixing” things. Last month the shower handle came off their bathtub. They called the management office to report it to have it fixed….My daughter was present when the “handyman” came. He was there for 1/2 hour. He asked her how hard she was hanging on the handle to make it come off! He replaced it with a Home Depot Moen plastic knob that sells for less than $10. The handle doesn’t work right, is hard to turn and doesn’t indicate proper water temp. The bill for that was $120….My husband called to remind them that the lease states they will fix any first time complaint for free, so technically it wasn’t our repsonsibility. He also pointed out to them that they assume the responsibility for putting quality fixtures in their dwellings that will stand the test of time….There are areas in the apartment that have mold….instead of scrubbing and bleaching it, they painted over it and supplied a dehumidifier. We have documented two separate water marks on the ceiling that have grown over the course of 2 years that they have not fixed. On the day my daughter moved in 2 yrs ago we documented outlets that did not work. We were told they would be fixed, 2 yrs later they still don’t work. There are a number of issues with electrical code violations which makes me wonder if the rehab work was done without permits, specifically the close proximity of outlets to sinks with no GFI and outlets positioned above base board heaters….The biggest complaint is the rudeness of the office personel. I understand that dealing with tenants is hard sometimes but the girls in the office, with the exception of Chrissy, are just rude. They rarely answer the phone, you have to constantly play telephone tag to get in touch with someone. They also leave notes for tenants on their doors at the end of the business day so that you cannot reach them until the next day and then have to leave a number of messages before you get hold of anyone….That being said, my daughter’s apartment was a good fit with excellent proximity to the campus (location location location) we covered the horribly gross rugs with area rugs and she has had a nice place to stay for two years and has been a good tenant. My advice to ALL parents putting your kids in an OPR property…DOCUMENT EVERYTHING!!! In your pre-move in inspection check all outlets, photograph water marks, frayed/soiled rugs to protect yourself. They are notorious for trying to keep your security deposit so protect yourself up front and throughout your lease term.