Optical Mart, Optical Clinic Do Not Use! Horrible Customer Service! Will not let you contact home office to complain! Arlington, Dallas Texas!!

After ordering glasses from Optical Mart in Arlington, TX, I had several problems with the glasses. I took them back into the store where I purchased them and the problems were not resolved….Problem #1 – The glasses were crooked, which in the past with other retailers, was no problem at all. I was told that the problem was with my ears and there was no attempt to fix them….Problem #2 – The clip on shades did not fit. She tried to force them onto the glasses but when that did not work, she tried to give me another pair that did not match the glasses. I told her that was not acceptable and she said that she that she couldn’t deal with it at that time and come back later. (She said that she was upset with the other customer that was still in the store!)…When I finally got my glasses back, I noticed other problems. I decided not to go back to that store because of her attitude and she was the ONLY employee there. I called other Optical Marts in Dallas and NO ONE would give me a number to call or the info for the home office. Finally, someone slipped and gave me a number for Ted, a supervisor for the area stores….Ted told me to go to another store to have them fixed. The woman at the 2nd store agreed that there were problems and took them in the back to “FIX” them. She told me she took the lenses out of the frame because they originally weren’t ground enough. She also told me that the frames and clip on shades were bent and fixed that too. They did feel better on my face at the time but on closer inspection about 24 hours later, I found a scratch on the lens. (We paid extra for non scratch coating!)…When I contacted the original store, she agreed to fix them. I thought everything was fine until I received two harassing phone calls from Ted and the employee at the original store. I was told that I was wrong for “going over” someones head to complain and why did it take me over 24 hours to contact them….Both were very rude and when I tried to explain that I was the customer and I have never been treated so badly, she said that I wasn’t a customer, I was her PATIENT! She sold glasses only! And even so, a patient still shouldn’t be treated that way!…I was so shocked at their behavior, that I just asked for my money back but they refused. When asked for the home office info (phone number, address, etc.) they refused that also….I can’t believe that as a consumer I have no other alternatives with this company. No other Optical Marts that I have called have been any help. I have even asked them to have someone from the home office call me but they won’t return my calls. Ted won’t answer my calls either….I have contacted our State Attorney Generals office and am in the process of filing a complaint. My hope is to prevent anyone from getting used by this company again….They take your money and forget about you! Beware!!!!…Gayle…Somewhere, TexasU.S.A.