ORANGE COUNTY MATTRESS worst costumer service West Hollywood California!!

Literally the worst customer service experience I have ever had. I purchased a mattress 1 1/2 years ago. The middle of my mattress started to sag and I couldn’t sleep at night. I bought this mattress because I have back issues and the mattress/company has made it worst. So, I called the warehouse to have the mattress replaced. I wasn’t asking for something more expensive. I just wanted the “good quality” product I purchased. For 3 MONTHS I called the warehouse. They couldn’t “find” my receipt. Here’s the issue. I bought the mattress 1 1/2 years ago. I do not have the receipt. BUT there is a specific code on each mattress. This code acts like a receipt. You put the unique code into the system and all transactions of product are documented. This make sense right? Well not to OC mattress. After I wrote a Yelp review they contactedme again asking for the receipt. Since I bought it almost 2 years ago I no longer obtain the receipt. But with the specific code on EACH mattress OC Mattress should have all records of sales. I asked Scott, in the warranty department, for the receipt from the stores system. He said they did not have it even though the unique code on the mattress acts like a receipt. This is a perfect example of a large company selling a product and ignoring the customer afterwards. They denied the record of receipt. So OC Mattress has NO RECORD AT ALL of my transaction. This raises a red flag. As if there is illegal business. There are expectations of customer service and proper documentation from a company as large as this. They are denying any receipt and completely ignoring the fact that they sold a paying customer a poor quality product. If you have a back problem or any body alignment issues go else where. I was very patient and respectful to customer service and in exchange I received horrible service ans STILL continue to call so my mattress can be replaced. That is all i’m asking for. Steer clear of this company. It is a horrible product, with horrible customer service, and horrible standards.