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Orange Lake Resort Silver Leaf Resorts, Holyday Inn Club Resorts, Orange Lake Country Club Inc. SCAM Scam, Lied, Deceived, Ruined Our Credit, Threating & Harrassing with Foreclosure Kissimmee Florida!!

TIME SHARES ARE A “RIPOFF” & “LEGAL SCAM” Please do NOT fall for it, they promised things like traveling for much less money, having excellent locations all over the world, very low payments, possibilities to return the time share if you don’t want it anymore, increase value in your time share, tax deductuble property, etc. ALL ARE LIES. They re-newed a Timeshare that was almost paid off after more than 12 years to my in laws. She was older than 72+ year sold and he was 82+years old with terminal cancer and they charged them more than $10,000 downpayment, and they added another $40,000+ in debt saying that it was an upgrade. Now they monthly payments are almost $1,000 A MONTH PLUS YEAR MAINTENANCE FEES FOR $2,500+ that, increases yearly. She can’t work anymore, she can’t pay that amount anymore, she called them, visit them and try to get some arraignments and they NEVER helped her, but now they are harring her with a foreclosure and they ruined her credit and our credit also. They deceived us too, saying we were going to be able to be users and they got us into a deed, that we never intended to sign, suppousedly was just an authorization to use the resors, but we never use it because I hate Holiday Inn, those hotels are always nasty and dirty. I hate time shares and we just accept a gift that ended being a debt that we never asked for. We tried to get us out of that, and they said, “IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO TAKE YOU OUT” How in the heck is that impossible? They are LIARS, DECEIVERS, SCAMMERS. PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR TIME SHARE OFFERS. Believe me, that is just a “Legal Scam” Because you get in, but who knows if we will ever be able to leave. Right now our credits are ruined, we have been threatened with Foreclosure and it’s been more than 7 months that we didn’t pay, and they are extending our agony, we never use that time share, my in laws paid more than $18,000 in 2 years and they were never able to use it. They wanted to go to Hawaii and one of them passed away before they got approved!!! PLEASE STOP BEFORE BUYING A TIME SHARE AGAIN THOSE ARE “LEGAL SCAM” YOU GET IN, BUT WHO KNOWS IF YOU EVER CAN GET OUT AND HOW MUCH WILL BE YOUR LOSES IN THE PROCESS

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Noella Herrod

Orange Lake Resort BE VERY AWARE, ONCE YOU PURCHASE YOU PAY DUES AND TAXES FOR LIFE – . WALK AWAY Kissimmee Florida!! We purchased a timeshare property on June 26, 2000. At that time we were told five of the biggest lies. A timeshare salesperson promised us the sun, moon, and stars in order to get us to walk out of a presentation as an owner. 1. Timeshare is a good investment. This is one of the biggest whoppers out there, and also one of the key ways timeshare salespeople will get prospective buyers to sign on. 2. You can… Read more »

Drema Fragale

Orange Lake Resort Gave us used tickets to Disney Kissimmee Florida!! My husband and I received an advertisement in the mail for this resort approximately 14 months ago. The offer was for several days and nights in the resort since we are IHG members. The cost of the visit was greatly reduced in an effort to have us sit for a presentation of the timeshare property. For our time, we were promised 2 tickets to Disney. We booked the trip for that April 2013, for my daughter’s spring break. She was 16. Almost immediately following that booking, my daughter became… Read more »

It has many negative reviews online. I would highly recommend you do your research well before considering them.

There have been various reports of fraud and scams. It is definitely not a company worth your trust or money.

I have tried multiple websites and also their official channel. Yet no response or resolution.

There are a lot of mentions on the Internet regarding their founders indulging in illicit activity and consumers taking them to court.

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