Orbitz And Delta Airline Orbitz and Delta ripped me off .orbitz.com/ And Delta Airline Nationwide!!

On April 7, I booked a flight for my friend, a round-trip from Romania to USA. On April 9, I canceled the flight because my friend failed to get a visa….The departure flight will be on July 7, and return flight will be on Jan 3, 2010. total amount: $1,124.89 USD…I called Orbitz.com and asked for a refund. They told me that I have to call Delta directly because the tickets are from Delta. I called Delta, and they told me that the tickets are non-refundable….what a scam?…I did not see anything such as non-refundable or a warning when I booked the flight on Orbitz.com, and the flight is almost in three months. why suddenly it became non-refundable….This is just not right….Anybody out there, please help me if you can….John…sunnyvale, CaliforniaU.S.A.