organic kitchen wear They spend a lot of money in advertising where they said that all pots are life warranty that the food don’t stick and that is far from the truth I bought a all set and what a waste of money all the pots has fell and food stick and didn’t clean my wife already quite using them and now I have to spend more money to replace them for better ones . Please don’t believe all they said in they tv commercials they just ripping people off tv Alabama!!

Organic kitchen wear they are selling kitchen wear that do not work as they promise food sticks and can’t clean I lost about 100 dollars buying that crappie that just give my wife reason to be really irritated with me .She wanted different kind and I chose them .I thought that all the money they spend in advertising must be for a good reason since they promise been the best of the best and that will never stick and proffered wrong none of them did the job now I got to buy a new set of course different brand to get my wife off my back so big ripof and 100 dollars off